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Can You Really Eat Gold?

OROGOLD is a big fan of gold. You can tell given how all of our products use gold in keeping with the stories of Cleopatra’s pursuit of preserving her beauty with a golden mask. This makes us particularly interested in all uses of gold. We’ve established that it has a place in our topical products and even medicine has found a few uses for specific variations on gold. But what about cuisine? There are always stories about people making truly grandiose dishes with flecks of gold on them or with a layer of gold leaf on them. These go all the way back to the middle ages at least and some even continue to this day near Wall Street. We’re going to look into these practices briefly and see just what eating gold can or can’t do for you.

A Feast Fit for Royalty
All those stories you’ve heard and seen aren’t actually lying. Gold has been functioning as a garnish for the well-to-do since people first started valuing gold. It can take even an ordinary dish and turn it into something greater than it was before. You won’t find gold flakes on food everywhere though. True to its original use, you’ll generally only find it in specialized dining places. This has changed a bit in the modern era as different kinds of cuisine have branched out into using it either legitimately to add a bit of class to the food or as social satire poking fun at the upper class. Regardless, you can eat gold. It won’t do anything good for your though. It has no value to your body, won’t interact with anything, and will simply pass out of your systems like everything else. There are anecdotal claims by alternative medicine proponents that it has health benefits, but none of them have every been proven.

A Toast to Your Health
Alternative medicine tends to cluster more around drinking gold though. The specific form they tend to highlight is drinking colloidal gold. This particular form of suspension is widely used as a supplement and has various claims attached to it. Gold, they say, can help increase mental faculties, bolster the heart, provide inflammation relief, and even potentially help deal with a lack of energy. Once again though, these uses have yet to truly be confirmed in medical studies. Most of them are often done by the very people promoting the colloidal gold or are based on discredited or dubious research. Supplements also suffer from little to no regulation and, as a result, the colloidal gold supplement you buy may have other ingredients that can negatively impact your health. As a result, OROGOLD recommends sticking to the known uses of gold in medicine if you’re trying to look after your health.

Gold purification

Gilded Medicine
Interestingly, the idea of gold as an anti-inflammation drug may have come from an actual property for a variety of gold. Particular kinds of gold salts are integrated into care for kinds of arthritis and other diseases where inflammation makes moving difficult. Additionally, a radioactive isotope of gold is sometimes used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer where it can provide a means of accurately tracking parts of the disease to facilitate treatment by doctors. The only use of non-supplemental colloidal gold is for a similar reason in medicine. The gold helps act as a tracker for particular diseases or immunological responses. Gold is only useful to your body under highly specific circumstances. Just eating it won’t really do you much harm, but it won’t do you any good.

Food wrapped in gold leaf or sprinkled with gold leaf flecks can glint, shine, and draw the eye from across the room. It offers a way to make a dish stand out against its competitors. OROGOLD recommends trying such a culinary experience for yourself. It is certain to be a rare treat that you’ll be able to look back on and enjoy. It won’t cure you of any ailments, but maybe you’ll get the taste of excellence.

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