Celebrity Fashion at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

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Celebrity Fashion at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Trying to keep an eye on fashion involves watching both the major designs houses at Fashion Week and how various celebrities and fashion gurus interpret those designers throughout the year. We often get the best glimpses of this at awards ceremonies and other large gathering bringing together everyone who is everyone. The Cannes Film Festival is no different and offered a clear look into what is currently popular as a look. There were plenty of chances over the course of the festival thanks to all of the red carpet that allowed everyone to look their best and put on a show. We’re going to focus on the popular elements that kept appearing in outfits rather than particular outfits themselves. This way we’ll get the best look into the current state of celebrity fashion as of Cannes. That will have to keep us alert and inventive until the next big gathering shows us how people’s tastes have shifted in the intervening months.

Kendall Jenner at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

BAKOUNINE / Shutterstock.com

Many of the most popular dresses on the red carpet had trains. Some celebrities favored a simpler look with only a small amount of fabric trailing behind them, but more often than not the trains were highly pronounced. No distinction was really made between pattern and solid color dresses in this regard. The trains helped create an elegant yet relaxed look along the red carpet. Most of the dresses favoring this look maintained a more traditional full dress look. It contributed to a slightly timeless air to the entire look. However, there were a few that favor slit dresses for a combination of more evocative style with that air of refined elegance. Trains are something to remember that next time anyone wishes to look their best at a large social event, but remember that they do require a bit of minding to ensure there are no accidents. Despite their prominence, some elements did appear even more often than trains.

Rihanna at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

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Off-The-Shoulder Looks
Exposed shoulders always tend to have a certain popularity when it is warm enough and this year is no different. There were plenty to be seen on the red carpet as celebrities walked to one event or another. These looks tended to be relatively varied. There were some that favored exposing both shoulders and these tended to favorite more dramatic and classically elegant designs. However, there appeared to be a clear favoritism towards asymmetrical designs that favored single shoulders exposed. Most of these looks, in turn, tend to favor more open and modern looks though there was a handful that attempted to balance the classic with the modern. Both sets of looks are equally capable of being stunning in their own right and it comes largely down to the personal taste of anyone trying to emulate celebrity style.

Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

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A Pattern of Beauty
One of the lovely things about fashion at Cannes was that patterned and distinctive fabrics were on display. Lace and lace-like outfits appeared many time over used in a myriad of ways. There were, of course, the classic heavier looks that favored the look as an overlay that created a heavier, but refined look alongside lighter, modern looks that used the look to help accentuate the features of those wearing them. Some of the most stunning looks fell into this category were mixes of lace, chiffon, and embroidery created visually distinct and beautiful outfits that caught the eye. These were used to help offset some of the more mundane parts of the outfits, such as straps, and integrate them into a larger visual whole as opposed to being simply utilitarian. Whether they were defined by a classic or modern aesthetic sense, the outfits maintained their beauty and offered a clear idea of what is currently in style among celebrities.

Elle Fanning at the Cannes Film Festival 2017

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The fashion at Cannes is, in many ways, simply one interlude in the constant shift and flow of fashion in any given year. There are elements of it that clearly survived from Fashion Week while others have flowed from those elements. Fashion, despite what some people like to think, is never static. It changes constantly as people create new looks based on what was previously new or on the elements that never grow old. All anyone ever does is navigate that current of ideas and turn it to their own ends.

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