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Clean Living: The New Luxury

The saying goes that “living well is its own reward”. This may have been true at one point, but to a certain extent the modern world have reinvented the saying to say that “living well is a reward”. In its original context, it was referring to morality, but most of us know all too well that making the time to figure out how to live well in any sense can be difficult these days. Everything just keeps happening and drags all of us along with it as an unending ride rather than us having the time to stop and enjoy life. Whether that’s our fault or simply the fault of circumstance seldom matters as much as the fact that it is something that simply is. We all want to lead a healthy, clean life that lets us enjoy life to its fullest, but don’t always have the luxury. How do we make peace with the fact that clean living is the new luxury though?

Taking The Time
The biggest obstacle for most of us is being able to actually set aside the time to do things for ourselves. Jobs, events, and random requirements appear and devour our time bit by bit. You can work to counter this by trying to figure out exactly what actually has priority in your life. Pause and think about if all the things in your social calendar actually need to be done. Do you really need to do overtime or are you just filling time? There’s a distinctly modern fear of not having anything to fill time and we frequently simply reach out to fill it with whatever we can. Instead, you may wish to try learning a meditative habit or try to pick up a new hobby so that the idea of a time with “nothing to do” is less intimidating. You can gradually work towards being comfortable and have free time again.

Treating Yourself Right
Making time is only the first part of making clean living less of a luxury. You also want to learn how to treat yourself right using that time. Exercise is frequently something we cut out of our lives to “save time” when we’re filling it with actually unimportant things. Try to find a way to fit exercise back into your schedule. Remember that even taking brisk walks around the block or opting to take the stairs rather than the elevator can count as exercise. You can work it into your life easily if you stop to think about it. This will help you have more energy for other things and end up opening up more time in your life as you won’t be as tired by the end of the day. Additionally, try to remember that a good diet is key to both clean living and treating yourself right.

Food for Thought
Having the extra time will mean you can devote more thought to what you eat. Not having the time to do that is often what leads us to reach for ready-to-cook meals or foods that don’t require anything other than heating. This is where a lot of us find ourselves hurting our health and robbing ourselves of energy we might otherwise have for helping to maintain our lives. Healthy eating does take a willingness to teach yourself to cook if you don’t know how. Plenty of recipes exist both in books and online that will allow you to experiment with both tastes and flavors to ensure that you get what you need out of each meal. It can even become another hobby you teach yourself in that free time. Combined with the other steps you’ll be better able to afford to live cleanly.

Treating yourself better and making time opens up our ability to feel better in our lives. Feeling happy and healthy in turn allows us to make the time to turn our goodwill outwards and contribute to our community. Clean living is about all of this. You need to treat yourself right and then you can feel relaxed and happy enough to help others well. All elements of clean living, both classical and modern, may be a luxury, but they aren’t unaffordable if you’re just willing to do what you need to do to make them affordable.

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