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Cleopatra – About the Legendary Queen

One of the most famous female rulers in all of history, Cleopatra was once the queen of Ancient Egypt and lived a truly fascinating life, inspiring a number of plays, books and films, including Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare. Although this has only helped to make her one of the most famous queens of all time, there is still much that many people do not know about her, which is why OROGOLD is bringing you some of the most fascinating facts about Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was not Egyptian
Although Cleopatra was the last of the Egyptian Pharaohs, she was not actually Egyptian, and instead came from Greek descent. Part of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Cleopatra’s family only spoke Greek, and Cleopatra was the only one to learn the local language in Egypt.

Cleopatra was a Writer
In addition to being a queen, Cleopatra was also a writer, with many Medieval Arabic texts stating that she wrote a number of scientific books. One of these was a medical treatise, entitled Cosmetics, in which she included several different remedies for hair loss and dandruff.

Cleopatra was Not the First Cleopatra
Although we know her simply as Cleopatra today, Cleopatra was actually known as Cleopatra VII, as there were six other women with her name before her in the Ptolemaic dynasty. However, since Cleopatra VII was the one that made the biggest name for herself, people started to refer to her as just Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Became Queen at Just 18 Years of Age
At just 18 years of age, Cleopatra became queen, and was responsible for ruling the entire nation alongside her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, who was just 10 years old at the time. Ptolemy XIII later died in a battle, leaving Cleopatra to rule the country on her own.

Cleopatra’s Intelligence was more Powerful than her Beauty
Although there may be many visual depictions that come to mind when you think of Cleopatra, her appearance is actually quite unknown. The many sculptures that were created in her honor are based on either Egyptian or Classical styles, and her appearance in each of these is quite different. However, no one can argue that she was exceptionally intelligent, and chose to come across in different ways depending on the political event that she was attending. On the coins that were minted in Egypt with Cleopatra’s face on one side, it is claimed that she chose to be shown with a stronger jaw line, more similar to that of her father’s, in order to bring attention to the fact that she had the right to rule over Ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra’s life has inspired many, but, unfortunately, came to a sad ending when she committed suicide by using a poisonous snake to bite her arm. However, many have questioned this fact, especially since there is no hard proof that tells us how she died, but, no matter what the story may be, her strength, power and intelligence will continue to inspire many generations to come.

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