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Cleopatra-Inspired Collection Shown in Paris

Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, led an extremely turbulent life, and one that we will never know the full details of. Nevertheless, her beauty and intelligence has inspired women of every generation that has come after her, and continues to do so even today. Sara Hegazy is an Egyptian fashion designer who, for her latest collection, drew inspiration from the legendary queen, turning to history books and the palace in which Cleopatra lived as a solid base for her research.

About the Designer
Initially based in Dubai, Sara Hegazy initially set off on the path of being an engineer, before making the move to fashion in 1996. Hegazy moved to Kuwait a year later, and taught herself some drawing and coloring techniques before submitting some designs to a local atelier. She then went on to study fashion illustration at the Dubai International Art Center, as well as fashion design at the London College of Fashion, before launching her own line. After entering a variety of fashion competitions, Hegazy was named as one of the top five designers in 2010 at the Maybelline Cosmetics Fashion Competition. When it comes to inspiration, Hegazy turns to her heritage and culture, bringing in a modern edge to ensure that all of her designs stay contemporary and relevant.

Woman dressed in Cleopatra style

The Collection
Hegazy’s Cleopatra-inspired collection consisted mostly haute couture evening wear and wedding gowns, aimed at women who seek luxury and want to ‘wear works of art, rather than just an outfit’. OROGOLD absolutely loved the custom-made Asfour crystals, as well as how the daring yet romantic designs seem to capture the essence of Cleopatra’s spirit and personality. Hegazy was especially inspired by a particular Cleopatra quote; “I will not be triumphed over”, and wanted every single dress to fully represent Cleopatra’s strong will, charismatic personality and natural leadership skills.

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris
Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris was founded to help young designers showcase their work during one of the most important fashion events of the season – Paris Fashion Week. It took Sara Hegazy months of hard work, research and preparation to create her Cleopatra-inspired collection, but this paid off when she was selected to feature her collection on the runway at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris in 2014. Her collection was extremely well received by fashion enthusiasts and industry experts alike and Hegazy truly appreciated the opportunity to show her work in such a prestigious setting. Hegazy loved being in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, taking a look at all the unique new collections and meeting other up and coming designers.

Fashion designers are inspired by so many different subjects, and Hegazy is not the first one to be inspired by the power, beauty and strength of Cleopatra. Cleopatra’s life story will live on for centuries to come, and OROGOLD is sure that her unbreakable spirit will continue to inspire the lives of many.

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