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Cleopatra Inspired Hair Styles to Rock

There are many different depictions of what Cleopatra’s hair was really like, from naturally curly to sleek and straight. Although it may be impossible to exactly replicate her look, OROGOLD has put together some Cleopatra inspired hairstyles that exude a sense of Ancient Egyptian royalty.

Cleopatra’s Coin Hair Style
While Cleopatra was in power, she had coins made up with her face on them. Although she accentuated certain facial features, such as giving herself a stronger jaw to emphasize her right to reign, her hairstyle on the coin gives us a good idea of one of the ways in which she used to wear her hair. To recreate this hairstyle, you would first need to divide your hair horizontally, tying a long band, or gold satin ribbon, around the top half. Gather all of your hair together, twisting and coiling it tightly, securing with pins. OROGOLD suggests finishing it off with a spritz of hairspray to keep it all in place for more details

Woman with a Cleopatra-esque hairstyle

Cleopatra Hair Accessories
For a Cleopatra inspired look that can easily be incorporated into your own hair style, OROGOLD suggests looking for some Cleopatra-esque hair accessories. A gold hair chain, decorated with small gold coins, will have you dazzling like royalty whatever the occasion, and works with any hair style, from a simple ponytail to a sophisticated up-do. If you want to make use of accessories that you already own, opt for ones in blue or green, as well as metallic colors, as, in Ancient Egypt, wearing blue on your face or hair symbolized good luck.

Sleek with Blunt Bangs
The Cleopatra inspired sleek look with blunt bangs has been rocked by many celebrities lately, from Katy Perry to Rihanna, and is a look that works well on almost every face shape. Healthy hair is essential for this look, so be sure to begin by washing and conditioning your hair. Apply a nourishing oil to give your hair some extra shine, and then section it off with clips. Blow dry it downwards, wrapping each section around a rounded brush and finish it off by applying some anti-frizz serum to ensure that your hair stays smooth and sleek. When blow drying, OROGOLD recommends a smaller brush for fine hair and a larger brush for wavy or curly hair. Those of you that don’t have bangs but want to try the look can opt for temporary bangs, sold at most hair stores. OROGOLD loves the sleek Cleopatra look, as it works well for any hair length.

Cleopatra inspired hair styles do not need to be difficult to achieve. Allow yourself to be inspired by different aspects of Cleopatra’s beauty and use these in your own style, whether it be the color of your hair accessories or the way in which you wear your bangs. Don’t be afraid to experiment – Cleopatra wasn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and neither should you be!

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