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Cleopatra: Who Was She? OROGOLD Reviews

The most famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, more commonly known simply as Cleopatra, was the last of a series of rulers, called the Ptolemies, who ruled the empire for almost 300 years. Rather than being Egyptian, Cleopatra, like the rest of the Ptolemies, were of Greek descent, but Cleopatra was the only one in her family to learn and speak the Egyptian language.

Growing Up 
Throughout her childhood, Cleopatra was groomed to be a future leader of the country, and she took a great personal interest in Egyptian history and religion. When Cleopatra’s father, Ptolemy XII, died in 51 BC, Cleopatra became co-leader of the empire, at just 18 years of age, along with her 12 year old brother, who also happened to be her husband. The empire that they ruled consisted of Egypt, Cyprus, Libya and parts of the Middle East, but, after just one year, Cleopatra decided to ignore the co-regency of her brother, removing his name from all documents. It wasn’t long before her brother retaliated, and ended up forcing Cleopatra to flee.

Cleopatra’s First Love
Cleopatra did not give up, and instead formed her own army. Soon, with the help of Julius Caesar, she regained her throne, and, although her brother continued to fight back, he ended up drowning in the Nile. This left Cleopatra as the sole leader of Egypt, and, although she was required to marry another of her younger brothers in order to keep her place at the throne, she gave birth to her first child with Caesar in 47 BC.

Woman dressed like Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra Rules Egypt
Although there were laws against foreign marriage and bigamy, Caesar openly embraced his son and made promises to marry Cleopatra. He was now the dictator of Rome, and Cleopatra and her son went there to live with him. However, just a couple of years later, he was assassinated, and Cleopatra returned to Egypt, upon which her brother died of poisoning, although many historians believe that Cleopatra killed him so that she could be the sole ruler of Egypt once again.

Cleopatra’s Second Love
Rome’s next powerful leader was Mark Antony, and he was quickly charmed by Cleopatra, who, within a year, gave birth to twins. Antony and Cleopatra were soon married, but war soon ensued, and Cleopatra retreated. Hearing false news that his wife was dead, Antony killed himself with his sword, leaving Cleopatra to a future of slavery. Rather than succumb to this, Cleopatra chose death by snakebite, believing that this would grant her immortality, and, in 30 BC, at the young age of 39, Egypt’s most loved queen was buried with Mark Antony.

Officially known as the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra had a charisma and intelligence that helped to cement her position as Queen of Egypt. Many historians today still believe that Cleopatra was one of the most dynamic leaders that the world has ever seen, and her bewitching nature will live on in books for eternity.

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