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Cleopatra’s Ultimate Beauty Tips

Skin care is our business at OROGOLD, and we did our best to find tips and tricks both modern and ancient when creating skin care products. The ancient world is where the flecks of gold in our products come from based on a tip from the renowned Cleopatra. Everyone knows how beautiful Cleopatra supposedly was, but do we really know? Most people have played “Telephone” as children and the message that starts at one end of the chain of children is seldom the same message that comes out at the end. Fortunately, at least a few people have actually looked into seeing if there is any truth to the fact that Cleopatra was one of the ancient world’s most stunning woman.

Standards of Beauty
Before we go any farther, you should remember that standards of beauty change over time. Even looking back one decade is enough to make the fashion conscious wonder what their younger self was thinking. The same is true for society when it comes to beauty. Art and literature of different eras each paint different views of what the ideal woman should look like and Cleopatra’s era was no different. Modern standards, therefore, are not an adequate measure of her Cleopatra’s physical beauty simply because she is so far displaced in time that the standards of beauty for our separate eras are too different. But this does not stop us from wondering if she was beautiful by the standards of the day?

Behind the Mask of Gold
Researchers have founded different depictions and descriptions of Cleopatra through texts and various artifacts from the ancient world. Unfortunately, there are no contemporary written sources available that describe her. One particular researcher managed to find two of the written sources closest to Cleopatra in time, and they differ entirely in how they speak of her. One refers to her as a stunning beauty, but the other comments that she was no more or less physically beautiful than any other woman. Additionally, ancient coins portray an imperious and strong looking woman as opposed to the modern feminine ideal. These could be just as easily the equivalent of propaganda to make her fit for the throne as they could be an adequate depiction though. Which leaves the question of how she might have gotten her reputation.

More than One Kind of Beauty
Cleopatra made an impression upon everyone she met and no one disputes this. The most interesting thing about this is that almost every source that comments on her directly speaks of her wit, learning, and the force of her personality. As a ruler and a woman, Cleopatra could project herself into a situation and had a mastery over various subjects that allowed her to hold the interest of men who would otherwise dismiss her. There are no need for her to be directly forceful. Not only was she able to be conversational across many topics, but she is credited with having a beautiful voice to go with it. In short, what we know of Cleopatra seem to indicate that the ancient world may have had more modern sensibilities than it is typically given credit for. Cleopatra’s great beauty may have derived more from who she was as opposed to how she looked.

Cleopatra’s beauty, regardless of its source, will go on being immortalized and commented for ages yet to come. It is a comfort though to remember that you don’t always have to be the perfect ideal of womanhood to be seen as beautiful. One of the most powerful women the world has ever known seems to have gotten away by being more than anyone expected. OROGOLD would like to note that she still took pride in her appearance and did her best to take care of her skin. So Cleopatra’s ultimate beauty tips? Be yourself wherever you are and don’t forget good skin care.

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