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Colors That Increase Your Home’s Value

Most of us start thinking about increasing our home’s value when we’re considering looking for somewhere new to live. After all, there’s no sense in getting less for your home than it deserves. There are a lot of strategies professionals will give you that can help improve the overall value of a home. New fixtures, tasteful additions, and the like all do a lot to help improve the looks and value of a home. Not everyone wants to make that kind of investment in a home they’re considering leaving behind though. It turns out you can do a lot to increase the value of your home with a comparatively small effort and added price tag. All you really need to do is repaint some rooms in the home to make them the “right” colors to maximize the value of your home. Let’s take a quick look at some of the better combinations available to any of us looking to improve the value of our home quickly and with minimal fuss.

Strangely enough, blues turn up a lot when it comes to maximizing the value of a home. Lighter blues colors are particularly popular in the more “lived in” rooms of a home where we all end up spending more time than we might like to admit in some cases. The bedroom is an obvious choice here and it is frequently noted that using a lighter blue shade seems to increase the home’s value. It provides an airy feeling of relaxation that just helps take people away from their worries. Admittedly, this doesn’t necessarily explain why it works so well in kitchens. That pairing is also good for improving the value of the home as the cool, neutral look of a light blue kitchen allows for easy matching for prospective homeowners. This effect works pretty well for the dining room and bathroom as well. Admittedly, you can use some slightly darker blues in the bathroom and get away with it while still increasing the home’s value.

Beige and Gray
These traditionally neutral colors actually have a place in homes…at least if you intend to sell them. It turns out that this relatively calm combination actually works fairly well for the outside of the home. The portmanteau “Greige” is a popular way of explaining this mix. It provides a calm, unassuming exterior with which people are better able to create their own impressions of a home. This ends up increasing how favorable people view it and likewise seems to increase the overall value of the home as well. Admittedly, you can’t overuse either color in the home. The only other place that beige and similar tones works well tends to be the living room. Beige and the rest of its shade family work incredibly well in living rooms and definitively increase the home’s value. These options both work surprisingly well.

Dark Front Door

Limited Dark Tones
Strangely enough, the best place to use a dark blue, gray, or similar tone is on the front door. This actually has a surprisingly potent effect on the value of a home despite the otherwise easily forgettable nature of the front door. The best shades are navy blue, dark gray, and charcoal. All of these stand out when put against a greige exterior, but at the same time that creates a nice look. It helps to create a distinct cue on where the front door is while using the somewhat luxurious sense a darker tone can bring to the look of many things. No real tone wins out over the other when it comes to the best ones for the front door. They key simply seems to be making sure the door stands out without looking gaudy. It may not make sense that such a small change to the look of the home can increase its overall value, but it does. Colors truly do speak to people in a way that is hard to track.

Repainting key rooms in one’s home can increase its overall value. This is a good project to dedicate time to if you intend to sell a home. Increasing its overall value will give you back a bit more for the home and let you feel confident you got the most for it. It doesn’t hurt that most of these color options are tasteful and easy to match. Even if you’re not intending on selling, you may be able to get a lot out of these colors.

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