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Colors That Just Go Together

A lot of fashion and design is about finding out what works well together. Colors dominate so much of what we do as a visual species that we tend to detect when something just “doesn’t work” together. Many of us tend to get a bit obsessive about making sure the color coordination of our outfits is spot on as a result. This can be a bit more difficult than we’d like for some of us while others have a seeming intuitive knack for picking out colors that just work together. It often feels like more of us tend to need a push in the right direction to ensure that we’re pairing colors correctly though. Whether this is because we never focused much of color theory or simply lack the ability to grasp it easily, there’s no shame in it. All you need to know is a few colors that just go together and you’ll have a good idea of combinations you can use for your personal style of when trying to put together the look for a room.

Black and White
It may be obvious, but it is easy enough to overlook if you’re not fond of color coordinating. Black and white both tend to go with anything you pair them with and there are no exceptions to the rule just because you’re pairing them with one another. A mix of the two colors tends to make for beautiful, high contrast looks with clear and definite edges. Outfits tend to benefit from using the colors in a pattern to create a visually arresting look. Stripes are particularly popular. Rooms that utilize these colors tend to heavily lean on one color or the other while using the other as an accent. Black couches and armchairs, for instance, pair well with white accent pillows while black curtains can look tasteful with white walls. Solids tend to work best in rooms, but patterns can work as long as they don’t make a room too visually busy. Careful use of this combination is a classic in both style and interior design.

Purple bed with gray pillows

Purple and Gray
While these two colors do offer contrast, it is quite far from the high contrast combinations we’ve previously highlighted. This a more subdued combination that lends itself to creating an overall smooth visual experience. The contrast helps individual elements stand out enough to be distinguishable while maintaining a distinct visual flow. In fashion, purple tends to be the color at the center of many outfits using this combination. It offers a visual center while the gray is the outline and support. This can easily be inverted though for anyone who prefers gray. The key is simply remembering what will look good on you. In interior design, these colors lend a “heavy” air to a room that makes it more suitable for quiet and relaxation that rooms with louder colors. Home offices can particularly benefit from the look, but the strength is in how well the two colors blend. The goal should always be to let them complement one another without overwhelming one another to create a subtle visual balance.

Woman in blue dress with orange shoes and bag

Blue and Orange
The immediate gut reaction to this idea for many people is confusion. Neither of these colors seems like it would naturally complement the other due to the high contrast and difference in the type of shades available. Strangely enough, the combination works beautifully well together. Orange acts as a beautiful way to accent blue and draw the eye while allowing the blue to provide a visually calmer and more relaxing overall appearance. The use in fashion is frequently in layered combinations. Blue or orange jackets or coats are frequently worn over tops of the other color to create an interesting visual combination. This general theme doesn’t change when one starts looking at interior design either. Much as with black and white, one color tends to dominate the space of a particular piece of furniture while the other offers a distinct accent. Taking advantage of this to draw the visual focus of a room to the desired point can help you create a dynamic and beautiful space.

Good color combinations aren’t necessarily hard to find, but learning to recognize them and use them can be difficult. The color combinations we’ve highlighted offer a few stepping stones towards learning how to use color effectively. Looking into the color wheel and having a knowledgeable friend discuss color theory can help you further. Try not to give up even if it feels a little frustrating. Learning these concepts will help you figure out how to look stylish with just the right combination of colors.

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