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Creating the Fanciest Holiday Dinners

Many people who host an annual holiday dinner want to do their best and one day serve a truly memorable meal. The quest for this elusive goal leads people to try a lot of different routes, but one of the common ones is trying to make as fancy a meal as possible. The word takes on a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask. In general, the idea is the creation of a meal that somehow steps beyond simply tradition and into an area that makes those who partake of it feel elevated in some fashion. Selecting actual meals is a difficult thing to do given everyone’s guests are different, but OROGOLD has put together a few ideas on what helps to define a holiday dinner as fancy. These can at least provide a framework for your own exploration.

Serve Multiple Courses
Many people opt to load a table down with food until it groans under the weight of it all. The spread allows everyone to reach whatever food they want at any given time or request that someone load their plate for them. There is much to be said for this communal approach to the food, but you can step back from this and take a more active hand in guiding the flow of tastes and textures that people experience. Organize your holiday meals according to a course structure and begin with appetizers. These will help create a convivial atmosphere that people can relax in and enjoy one another’s company as their anticipation for the main selection of food builds. Building upon appropriate flavors allows you to prepare your guests without overwhelming them.

Presentation is Everything
One thing that OROGOLD would particularly like to highlight is that you can make many meals fancy simply through proper presentation. Most chefs are familiar with how vital presentation is, but not everyone outside the profession appreciates it. Take the time to craft both your selection of plates and the aesthetics of the room where the meal will take place. A harmonious combination helps people both feel the event and partake in it all at once. Don’t forget to dress up your foods as well. The traditional turkey at Thanksgiving is easily placed on a plain platter for cutting at the table, but you can do so much more. How would the turkey look if you prepared its platter with some extra dressing or a garnish or some sort? Even a tastefully dribbled sauce can help added an air of class to the presentation of a fish. The idea is to tantalize the eyes as much as the nose.

Consider Experimenting Beyond Tradition
Another hallmark of creating a fancy meal comes from expressing the culinary daring to step beyond the traditional. Part of what defines many high-class restaurants is their willingness to try to improve upon or create an innovative twist on expectations. For instance, you could experiment with a more flavorful style of turkey for the year or prepare it in a different fashion such as the main ingredient of a seasonal soup. Some opt to replace the tradition bird of Thanksgiving with an entirely different kind of meat. Pork loin is sometimes regarded as an interesting and highly presentable substitute. Others opt to replace it with a ham. The latter choice is a bit more traditional than some other options, but offers ways to create a different visual flow to the table that a turkey does not. Different dishes, textures, and colors can all help create a fancy dinner when applied appropriately.

Creating a fancy and memorable holiday dinner has a number of elements involved in it. The main thing you need though is the willingness to step beyond traditional table setting and presentation. You can create something unique with a true touch of class simply with that willingness alone. OROGOLD recommends looking for examples of twists on classic holiday meals for inspiration and then building your own meal around it. That way you can get the most of innovation without disappointing the palates of your guests.

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