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Daily Habits of Successful People

In the end, most of us want to be more successful. We can all look out in the world and identify people we think are doing better than us in some area. It can be hard to ever be satisfied with things when we get caught up in others. There is something we can learn when looking at the people we see as more successful though. Success, however you define it, is almost always about an investment through action in their lives. They maintain habits that help them remain focused and ready to do what they need to do. We’ve looked into some of these habits and assembled a short list of common or not so common habits. You might just find a habit that will help you get started on that project you’ve always wanted to do or that gives you that extra push to keep moving through the day.

The Mental
Many of the most successful people make habits of practicing some form of mindfulness each day. It provides a grounding exercise that helps them to remain on task and feeling that the work they are doing is meaningful. Benjamin Franklin, in particular, was famous for scheduling his days effectively, but took the time to make sure that he started each day asking himself “What good shall I do today?” and revisiting the question in the evening to see if he had met his goals. Steve Jobs credited a similar tactic to help him maintain his passion and direction in life by approaching each day as if it were his last. Apple’s wild success and Jobs’ own stardom from his personal touch displaying his company’s progress certainly speak to the good it appeared to do him. The two men aren’t alone in this habit. Successful people make sure to take the time to look inward each day so that they remain passionate and focused.

Steve Jobs

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The Physical
Interestingly, many successful people are and were early risers. The idea being that they’d wake up early and begin their day as soon as possible to help remain on task. One of the benefits that some commented on was it ensured they have time to themselves if they have a family. It provides time for the mental side of habits, but this extra time also serves as a good time to exercise. While he was alive, Steve Jobs focused heavily on his health through exercise and other means. Many successful people follow similar habits as it helps them ensure their overall well-being. There is another reason for anyone wanting to emulate successful people to get up early and get moving too. You are actually mentally stronger earlier in the day. Tackling difficult things like exercise, organization, or that one difficult project early means you really will be able to give it your all.

The Personal
Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon Athletica, and other successful people often share a common thread of advice: Ask for help. Successful people are only as good as they allow themselves to be. It is difficult for any one person to know everything and a diverse network is often the key to getting anything done properly. Similarly themed answers were found from other successful people. The general idea is that all people need people. Compliment people doing their best. Set a good example. Take care of yourself. Successful people look after their needs and the needs of the people around them. It keeps them happy and ensures that a positive mood carries everyone forward.

Successful people come in all forms. CEOs are the general standard most people hold up for success, but the definition varies depending on your priorities. Alan Watts, a philosopher, wished people to ask themselves simply and honestly, “What do I desire?” The idea being that your honest answer would guide you to what you can do well and successfully in life. There is something to all of these approaches and perhaps these habits or a little self-reflection will help anyone struggling to find the success they desire.

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