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Designing A Luxury Safe Room

Most of us worry about our safety and health. This leads us to take fairly logical steps when it comes to ensuring our safety and health. Most of us ensure we have appropriate security coverage for our home and do our best to ensure that we avoid situations that would put us at risk. This is all most people ever need to do as it simply involves ensuring a little common sense in homeownership and situational awareness. It doesn’t always feel like enough, though. This is where other options start occurring to people. Most of us are aware of the concept of a safe room as a place that will lock down and protect those within it from various threats. The picture is often of a sparse room that only opens from the inside once it is tripped. Modern sensibilities are changing this image and turning them into comfortable rooms that just happen to lock down in times of trouble.

The Principles of a Safe Room
True to its name, a safe room is about being safe. The biggest questions facing anyone considering adding or modifying a room to create a safe room are what threats keep them up at night. A standard break in is something quite unnerving to most of us, but requires far less preparation than other potential events. Specialists exist to design and build rooms that can protect people from almost every threat they can think of afflicting their area. This leads to things like systems for air filtration, blast resistant materials, and the comparatively mundane bullet-resistant glass. The goal is entirely about helping a client find a way to be at peace within the uncertainties of the modern world. Thinking about what you fear will help any designer understand your desires clearly and allow them to ensure your concerns are met in the design.

Location Is Everything
It is important to note that a safe room is often only as good as its position in a home as you need to be able to reach it in the event the unthinkable happens. This leads some people to advise a more central placement for safe rooms as it enables all residents of a given home to reach it. Some people solve this issue by simply making each bedroom into a safe room so that no one needs to venture out into an unknown and threatening environment. Don’t forget that your particular fears may also influence the placement of a given safe room. Some things, such as protective lining against radiation, are best achieved below the ground and would be install in a basement or as their own room within a basement. Similarly, protection from a more conventional blast is also best achieved below the ground. Less large scale concerns can often be addressed by fortifying the materials in the walls around the safe room instead. Bring the location up when discussing the creation of your own safe room.

Luxury safe room

Comforting Safety
Modern safe rooms aren’t meant to be spartan like traditional ones. They are designed with the full knowledge that using one will mean something stressful is already happening and an uncomfortable environment will only make things worse. With that in mind, most modern rooms are designed with an eye towards comfort and luxury that provide their owners with peace of mind and ways to hopefully relax for the duration of the events. This frequently involves luxurious furniture and quality entertainment being kept in mind during the design of the room. It allows people to find a way to productively pass the time without needing to worry about being crammed into an uncomfortable room. Notably, this is another aspect that has influenced some designers to focus on make bedrooms into safe rooms as the environment is automatically comforting and familiar with the space necessary to relax. Talk to the person who will design yours so make sure your requirements are clearly understood to ensure the design meets your standards.

Safe rooms aren’t just movie devices. They are quite real and more and more people are investing in them as a means to ensure their personal safety. Each room is as diverse as their owners though and designed to help make their would-be occupants feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Keeping in mind your needs, the location, and the kind of amenities you want when deciding whether to invest in a safe room will help you discuss and set realistic expectations with any safe room designer. Once you have an idea of what you want, you need only let the room be built and soon you’ll have that extra peace of mind in an uncertain world.

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