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Don’t Fall Victim To Avocado Hand

There’s nothing quite like a good breakfast. After all, it gives us a delightful taste to start our days with and helps provide the energy to move forward with our tasks. Fruit tends to be one of the more popular options to enjoy at breakfast. Sometimes we eat it on its own, but more often than not it ends up being part of another main dish. We commonly put fruit in cereals or oatmeal for that extra burst of flavor to delight our senses, but there is another relatively common option as well. A fair number of people have begun spreading avocados over their toast each more for a distinct yet subtle taste that works well when you’re still just waking up. Unfortunately, an issue has started to turn up that is directly related to avocado food prep. People keep injuring themselves this way so often that some people have begun to label the resulting injuries: “avocado hand”.

Defining The Problem
In truth, there’s nothing particularly special about injuries gained while preparing an avocado. The wounds aren’t uniquely damaging or somehow made worse by the avocado. It is literally just any injury that results from improper cutting and prep of the fruit. The problem extends across social classes and generations. What most people are getting from this is that we all probably should have listened a bit more closely when older relatives were explaining safe ways to prepare our food. The rise of avocado hand as a term simply happens to be coming at a time when eating avocado on toast is proving more popular. The best thing that any of us can do is review how we’re preparing avocados, if we or someone we care about intends to eat them, and make sure that our technique is not setting us up for an unwelcome injury and trip to the hospital. Fortunately, this is far easier than one might initially think.

Avocado on toast

Safe Avocado Prep
What is causing the problem for so many people is unexpectedly encountering the pit. Much like peaches, each avocado has one large and hard seed with an irregular surface. It isn’t something that can be easily cut through and unexpected contact with it while using a knife can lead to a poor decision that causes loss of control of the knife. Even experienced people who’ve done a lot of food prep can make a mistake though. The key to avoiding the problem is to remember that you just continually escalate your chances of a kitchen accident by maintaining extended contact with the pit. This most frequently manifested as cutting vertically along the fruit instead of horizontally. The knife will be far more prone to wiggling in the former situation and have less avocado flesh to hold it steady. Experts suggest cutting horizontally around the middle, separating the two halves, and then applying gentle pressure to remove the seed before continuing with prep to avoid accidents.

Mindful Breakfasts
While nothing will change the safe way to prepare an avocado, it is an invitation to be more mindful when preparing breakfast as well as other meals. Any food prep that requires one to handle a knife means being aware of where the edge is and staying aware. We all know well enough to keep our fingers out from under the blade, but not everyone knows you can maintain a straight cut with a knife with your knuckles instead of risking the end of your fingers. Researching useful, quick ways to prepare one’s food safely is something that we can all do to help minimize accidents like the ones that lead to “avocado hand”. There are countless guides available out there that can teach us all a few of the tricks necessary to safely navigate a kitchen. Additionally, these injuries further remind us all to do a little research when trying out a new food to see if there are any special preparation instructions for avoiding accidents.

Woman eating avocado toast with tea

Avocado hand is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way that some people have taken to referring to knife injuries caused by improper avocado prep. These wounds tend to vary in how deep they are, but some of the deepest have caused permanent damage. It serves as a clear reminder to make sure you know how to prepare a food properly before trying to prepare it on your own. Knowing the safe ways to prepare something will let you have your breakfast and eat it without incident.

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