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Easy Steps For Creating A Margarita Bar

Putting together a good party is an interesting task at any time of year, but summer brings with it a few extra consideration. Everyone is going to be looking for cold drinks on top of food at any gathering. Obviously, there are a variety of possible options, but alcoholic drinks are particularly valued in summer gatherings. There is a certain frustration to needing to either make everyone their favorite drink or fetch them their favorite spirits. A good solution to this is to set up a create your own drink bar based around a simple yet easily modifiable drink. Margaritas fit this description nicely thanks to their ready ability to be made and how many variations people have made on them. Setting up a margarita bar doesn’t even have to be hard. You’re just going to need to find a good place where people will see it and go through a few steps to ensure people can make the most of it.

Drinking It Up
Obviously you’re going to need to make sure that you have the right ingredients available for the core of the drink. You’ll need to figure out how you want to serve it though. There are plenty of ready made margarita mixes of varying qualities available. It is a good idea to pick up several different potential flavors of them to ensure guests have a decent selection. Three to four options is generally going to be enough. Don’t stop there though. Remember that tequila is integral to every good margarita. This will help provide the kick of the drink as well as an extra element of flavor. Stick to sipping quality tequilas as margaritas and meant to be savored rather than downed quickly. A few sweet liquors on the side can also be a nice complement to these central components as a way for guests to add that extra dash of flavor to their drink. All of these will provide most of what your guests will likely use, but you can still go a little bit farther.

Fresh and Delightful
Garnishes are also central to the look and feel of a good margarita. Traditionally this involves a lime wedge on the rim of the glass. Limes aren’t that hard to furnish given you can easily buy a few and then pre-slice them before your gathering gets underway. As citrus, they’ll generally remain good for the evening and all you’ll need to worry about is making sure that you have enough available for your guests. Consider straying from tradition though. Other fruits can be equally delightful garnishes to the drink that allow people to further customize the flavor. Other citrus fruits are a logical option, but don’t hesitate to try our berries, melon, or even some mint springs. Each will interact with the flavors of the drink in their own way. They’ll also make a nice snack if someone just wants that extra dash of sweet to go with whatever else they’re having during the gathering.

Close up shot of a margarita

A Ring of Flavor
The last key element to a margarita is the rim. That’s the line of salt around the edge of the glass that helps to highlight the flavor of the drink. Admittedly, salt is just the basic option. Setting up a space as a margarita bar generally means you’re going to want to set out a few plates along with a source of somewhat coarse salt with a bit of water. You want your guests to be able to wet the lip of the glass, pour salt on the plate, and then roll the lip in the salt. This will provide all of the main elements of a margarita. You can opt to have a single plate out with a deeper basin full of salt for everyone to use, but having a variety of plates will help safeguard the health of your guests a little better at the expense of taking up slightly more space.

Setting up a margarita bar for summer party or at any other point isn’t that difficult. All you really need is a table and the appropriate ingredients. Variety tends to be a nice touch to add through particular mix and tequila choices though. This simple addition can make any gathering that much more enjoyable and give you something to just offer with a gesture if you’re busy seeing to your guests in some other way. The best part is that you get to enjoy it too.

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