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Enjoying Alcohol Free Spirits

When most of us think about going out for a night at the bar with friends, it generally means there is going to be alcohol involved. How this sounds tends to depend on where you are in your life. Many people tend to indulge in spirits more when they’re younger while eventually settling into actually enjoying them as they age. Not everyone can enjoy the taste of alcoholic drinks though. Something about the alcohol could mean they’re medically required to abstain from drinking, they might not drink, or perhaps they just can’t have a drink with everyone that night because they want to keep a clear head. All of this continues to apply if you’re drinking in someone’s home too. Not being able to join in with others tends to make such an evening less than satisfying for those who can’t partake. There are options though. Various kinds of alcohol free spirits do exist that can provide all the flavor with none of the alcohol.

Dealcoholized Spirits
In general these are the kinds of spirits that tend to be the most commonly available. De-alcoholized spirits are interesting to say the least. They begin their life as your favorite drink before their alcohol is removed. A chemical process is used that extracts the alcohol from the drink and separates it into a different container. The result is that the flavor of the drink is relatively unchanged without it being necessarily alcoholic anymore. Beers, wines, and hard liquors all tend to have dealcoholized versions available if you’re willing to look for them. They can make an excellent addition to your cabinet if you need to watch the amount of alcohol that you’re drinking. It does need to be stressed that the process does not result in perfectly alcohol-free drinks despite sometimes being marketed that way. The bulk of the alcohol is removed to the point that they are consider non-alcoholic and comparatively safe, yes, but you’ll still want to discuss with your doctor if you need to avoid alcohol for a medical reason.

Alcohol Free Spirits
Genuinely alcohol free spirits do exist. These drinks are an increasing combination of ingredients that frequently strive to emulate particular drinks. The results tend to vary depending on the spirit being emulated, but in general, the drinks are regarded as being tolerable and good for mixers despite being entirely non-alcoholic in origins. This is just one kind of alcohol free spirit though. There are also kinds that strive to carve out their own niche in the world of spirits without resorting to emulating any previously existing drink. The tastes tend to be rich and complex with layered flavors. Sometimes the end result can taste somewhat familiar, but that really isn’t the goal in most cases. These drinks typically have a smaller availability from niche producers. That means a lot of care goes into them and ensures the overall quality. You just might need to go hunting for them if you want to experience them.

Are They Any Good?
As we’ve highlighted above, most dealcoholized and alcohol free spirits are regarded as tasting perfectly good. The de-alcoholized spirits are frequently the main ones where people tend to report the potential for something being “off” about the flavor of the drink. It should be noted that this can happen due to chemical changes during the de-alcoholization process, but most good quality brands of de-alcoholized spirits take pride in maintaining their flavor even after the process. The key is largely just ensuring the quality of the drink. So you don’t need to dread taking your first sip and it tasting wrong. Alcohol free spirits, being their own thing entirely, tend to garner as many varied opinions as any other kind of spirit. Personal taste tends to guide us towards or away from the flavors involved. Try to look up particular kinds of alcohol free spirits before tasting them to determine if any have flavors you’re looking for and start with those for the best experience.

While alcohol free spirits aren’t always truly alcohol free as advertised, there are plenty of actually alcohol free spirits rather than simply de-alcoholized ones. These can ensure that everyone can enjoy and night out or in with friends where spirits are involved. This way everyone can enjoy the convivial atmosphere while they enjoying sipping a flavorful and spirited drink.

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