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Entertaining in Style

One of the best things about a home is that you can entertain guests appropriately and make the most of your space. Whether it is a party for associates or simply a quiet evening with friends, there’s much to be said for being able to entertain properly. A certain lifestyle does create an expectation on how you’re supposed to play the gracious host or hostess. Everyone has ideas on how you’re supposed to do it and OROGOLD would like to offer a few ideas as well. They might save you a little time if it has been a while since you last entertained or remind you of particular things you need to restock before company arrives. Anyone can entertain. It takes a certain kind of person to entertain with style though.

A Well-Stocked Cabinet or Bar
There’s a reason that movies typically show a well-stocked supply of liquor as a sign of true luxury. Particular brands and kinds of alcohol demand a refined palette to truly enjoy. It behooves the person in charge of the entertaining to ensure their guests have access to their favorite as well. You don’t necessarily needed to find their exact brand, but it does show that you both know and care if a brandy drinking associate can get their choice of drink during the event. Whether you’ve only got a cabinet or have a full in-home bar, do remember presentation is part of everything. Decanters, glasses, and trays for serving a group can set the mood of the place as readily as they provide a function.

Dinner table.

Set the Scene and the Table
It isn’t just a collection of alcohol that benefits from a proper presentation. Most of the time when you’re entertaining there is going to eventually be a meal. The table is the perfect opportunity to showcase your interests or to create a visual cue based around the gathering itself. Themed decorations are particularly good for holiday gatherings. OROGOLD suggests investing in a set of serving dishes to make the most of any time you’re entertaining though. Food, as any good chef will tell you, is part taste, part experience, and part presentation. A tasteful set of serving dishes serves to draw the eye to the food when it is on display as well as giving a convenient way to serve beyond from the pots and pans the meal was actually prepared in.

An Amusing Diversion
Entertainment is generally part of entertaining. As with most gatherings, you should try to tailor the kind of entertainment at a gathering to the people coming. Music, live or recorded, is a popular way to provide a pleasant background soundscape over which to have a conversation. Live music has a particular benefit if you play an instrument though as it adds an extra level of hospitality to the entire affair. Some people will simply enjoy a good movie from a fully outfitted home entertainment center though. The main thing to remember then is to make sure seating is positioned properly to take advantage of a surround sound system fully. Snacks or movie trivia make a good accompaniment to these affairs.

To simply entertain is something that happens when a friend or associate turns up unexpectedly. Entertaining with style requires forethought and remembering that you’re putting on a presentation of who you are and the extent to which you can entertain. It isn’t that everything needs to sparkle. You just need to be aware of the best way to ensure there is something for everyone. OROGOLD recommends considering themes when entertaining larger groups simply because it is easier to coordinate an environment around a theme. You can even coordinate your outfit to it. After all, presentation is everything.

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