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Extreme Home Security Systems

Trying to stay safe is something that ends up being an obsession for many of us. The world feels very uncertain given internal strife and terrorist organizations continuing to make plenty of noise. No one can blame you for a feeling a little paranoid. That’s why a lot of us turn to various security systems to help ensure at least our homes feel safe. The forms these take vary depending on our individual needs but are continually evolving to keep up the potential threats modern life brings. There are some truly extreme home security systems available to those who can afford them though. Not only will they leave you feeling safe, but some of them end up being impressive in their own right even when they’re just sitting there. Let’s take a look at some of these extreme measures and see what all they could actually do for you.

The Panic…House?
A lot of us worry about burglars, yes, but even more of us end up worrying about all the unrest in the world. It seems only a matter of time before it boils over sometimes. There are plenty of security systems designed with this in mind. Firms exist that will actually outfit your home or another structure with explosion and bullet resistant materials to ensure the building remains standing. They’ll even go one better and install moving covers that will actually lock down and secure all entrances and windows in the building creating a clean seal against the outside world in the event of the absolute worst happening. Some of these offer environmental sealing as well to add an extra sense of safety in case of gas or biological attacks. All of these defenses can generally remain operational for a week or two depending on the firm. After that, you’ll likely need more supplies for your home and any threat that last longer than that is of a scale the system wasn’t designed to handle.

Say Goodnight
As far as movie tricks go, sleeping gas being injected into a room is fairly classic. The catch is that it is no longer just a thing of the movies or high end facilities. You can actually get these installed in your home. These flexible units can be rigged to go off based on a variety of potential cues. The goal of the system is two-fold: disable the person breaking in and summon the authorities. It provides a good method of home defense that leaves everyone involved comparatively safe and ensures you don’t need to leave your panic room in the event of a break in. You should not that the compound injected into the air does depend on the firm you get your unit from and what they offer. Many of them offer an aerosolized sleeping agent, but others favor pepper spray. Be sure to know what is in your unit whenever they are being installed as you’ll want to inform the authorities of what to expect when coming to apprehend the suspect.

Home with security system
A True Classic
People have this endless fascination with older homes as there is this sense of wonder at wishing to know the secrets the home holds. This varies depending on when the building was actually constructed, but some of them actually have secret passages. Sometimes they were meant for smugglers and other times they were a way for the family in the home to move about safely or keep things hidden. You too can enjoy this bit of the past in your own homes as secret passageways are becoming common again. Various firms are available that can help you design homes with such passageways in them, but you don’t need to build an entirely new home to enjoy them. Plenty of options exist that allow you to install hidden doors to disguise rooms in your home. These doors not only hide the room, but are frequently lockable from the inside as well as blast and bullet resistant in many cases. It provides a classic yet ultra modern way to protect yourself.

These are only a few of the extreme security systems and measures available to people. There are still yet others for ships and more ways to turn rooms of your home or your home itself into a fortress. What you want to help secure your safety is entirely up to what worries your the most. The odds are that there is a firm out that can help you prepare anywhere you want for almost anything you worry about.

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