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Fall Beauty Trends to Try

Each fashion season brings new trends along with it, and this one is no different. The fashion industry is happily reminding everyone of the current trends. Some of them don’t even look like “looks” at all. In some ways, this makes the current fall season more accessible than ever, but it also makes skincare itself even more important. OROGOLD would like to highlight some of the current fall trends for you as both a reminder and suggestions on looks you might want to experiment with this season. Sometimes all you need to set the right impression is a highlight in the right place. This, if anything, seems to be the trend for makeup.

Woman wearing red lipstick.

Red, red lips
Red lips are iconic in fashion and beauty. Almost every representation of classic beauty seems to have them and the mysterious beauty always leave a perfect red kiss on the hero’s cheek in film. Fashion designers opted to bring a revival to the color for this season, but it wasn’t as single-toned as the classic look. Designers drew on the whole palette of red in nature for the lip colors worn by the models and in the seasonal makeup collections this year. Many of them were heavily influenced by the colors of ripe berries. This display truly used the lips to provide emphasis to the face, but manages to make it part of the overall framing without being overwhelming.

Woman wearing dangler earrings.

Jewelry offers a way to casually accent any outfit whether it is a set of earrings or a simple bracelet. The current trends opt to eschew using subtle jewelry in favor of comparatively obvious and brilliant pieces. Dangling earrings and larger necklaces are being used as more obvious components to an outfit instead of something to underscore a look. Current trend favor using jewelry more prone to glinting with colored stones being especially favored. OROGOLD recommends that you take care when experimenting with new jewelry as some people have topical allergies to particular metals or alloys. Be aware of how your skin reacts to any new metals, but do freely experiment.

Woman with natural makeup during fall.

Natural Makeup
Trends continue to favor opting for less obvious makeup. There are clear exceptions to the rule, but many models keep being shown using subtle nudes and blushes to highlight their natural beauty as opposed to more obvious colors. The result is often a very fresh-faced look even if it doesn’t exude the allure of more complex makeup options. Most credit it to a combination of both simple makeup and a healthy lifestyle. This makes it an easy option for anyone to experiment with if you’re looking for a larger change than just makeup during the fall. Try speaking to an esthetician if you’re uncertain on the best colors to support your skin’s natural beauty. They should not only be able to help you with picking the right colors, but also be able to offer you suggestions on skin fortifying foods.

Beauty trends may switch by the season, but some of them last across multiple seasons. The more vibrant and eye-catching aspects of fall’s trends seem meant to serve as a way to frame the face than draw attention away from it. As a result, OROGOLD suggests considering the final suggestion the most as it will help regardless of any of the other options you try. Health and beauty are and always have been connected.

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