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Fashionable Layering Techniques For Spring

Spring is that awkward season where it never seems like even the weather knows what it is going to do from day to day. It can start cold and end sweltering or the reverse sometimes when a sudden cold snap rolls in after a nice warm day. This difficulty in knowing what is coming makes dressing stylishly yet comfortably a bit of a problem. None of us want to spend half the time freezing or sweating. That’s why we’ve developed various little techniques to help us figure out how to combine fashion with a more utilitarian sense of simply keeping ourselves properly covered for the weather. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to layer clothing so that you can help deal with spring’s fits. Don’t worry if it seems daunting trying to pick out on from the crowd. We’ve got a few ideas that you can combine to try and find a look that matches your personal style.

Hot and Cold
We often want to make the most of the warmer weather by wearing lighter clothing. After all, making it through winter means we deserve a little treat, right? That often means we end up reaching for the lighter things in our wardrobe first such as sleeveless tops or tank tops just so we can feel the sun on our skin again. This leaves us in a particularly vulnerable if the weather decides to take on a cooler or damper aspect. One of the best solution is to wear a nice full coat with these airier pieces of clothing whether they’re simply a top or a full dress.

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The thickness of the coat will generally help offset any temperature issues you might encounter as a result of the weather while the coating on the outside should protect you from the rain. You’ll likely want to experiment to find a nice color combination to help things match well so that you can simply open the coat rather than take it offer if the weather is nicer, but not fully clement.

Classic Protection
Sometimes you don’t want to wear something shapelessly utilitarian like the coat that we were suggesting for our previous mix. The good news is that there is plenty of room to play when it comes to coats. There are plenty of cuts that give us notable flexibility in style. A trench coat is a fairly classic fashion statement though and can be paired with a wide variety of outfits without problem. We recommend wearing a full trench coat to pair with a light spring dress. A lighter color for the dress or top that you’re wearing under the trench is typically a good look for almost everyone. The idea of the trench is to protect your full outfit rather than necessarily just giving you insulation from the cold and damp. That means you should feel free to play with the more color aspects of your spring wardrobe without worrying about a delicate fabric or easily stained pattern.

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Cutting The Heat Short
There’s something to be said for enjoying a more open and playful look while still keeping a little warmth for yourself. Short sleeved sweatshirts can strike a nice balance between your need for warmth and the potential need to stay cool as well. These are often in fairly lightweight material that is often in a fairly airy cut. Try to combine with is a simple jacket to cover your arms when the sleeves aren’t doing enough. The jacket you wear can be almost anything if you’re looking to find a good style for you. Classically, anything you can wear easily over the top should work nicely. You are looking for an actual jacket rather than just a jacket-like throw of some sort. We recommend a full jacket with a more utilitarian bent to give a more commanding look, but feel free to play with this combination to find what suits you.

Layering properly for spring is one of those interesting tasks that we don’t really think about until spring comes around. It invites us to try and create our own look that works for where we live and who we are. In some ways this seems to make spring one of the times most about making your own fashion sense clear. We hope we’ve given you a few ideas that will help you on your way to doing just that.

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