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Fur for Your Winter Wardrobe

Fur is one of the more controversial clothing options available to anyone. Some dispute it on moral grounds, but others highlight that people used furs long before modern factories ever came into existence. Regardless of the ethical debate, there’s something visually arresting about furs in winter whether they’re real or faux fur. They come in a myriad of forms ranging from apparently well-kept natural looks to highly coifed and maintained blends kept close to the body of the clothing. Each style comes with its own benefits. If you’re not sure on what you can do with fur in your wardrobe this winter, then OROGOLD has put together a few suggestions on how to choose and use real or faux furs this winter. Who says looking stylish and staying warm can’t coincide?

Be Aware of the Material
Real and faux fur each have their own drawbacks. Allergic reactions can happen to each kind of material and, as a result, it is best to test your reactions to such clothing before opting to wear them regularly. Dander and undercoat issues are typically dealt with during the assembly of real fur pieces, but this can still come up depending on the animal. For faux fur, allergies are less common, but you should look and feel the material carefully. Early faux furs are notorious for their appearance looking more akin to the skin of a puppet than the fur of an animal, but great strides have been made since then. A quality faux fur is practically indistinguishable from the real thing at this point. Carefully examine how a faux fur reacts to handling. It should be pliable, but readily maintain the intended appearance. Ideally, it is also equally soft when compared to a real fur as well.

Beauty in Every Color
Many opt to stick to fully natural looking furs, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Designers and fashionistas the world over freely make use of all colors and patterns they can when assembling looks. Faux fur is especially good in this area as it often readily takes to colors better than genuine furs. This opens up a broad array of possibilities when designing your winter look. OROGOLD recommends considering the common complaints about winter clothing. Darker tones tend to dominate the season and this leads to criticisms of “drab” and “dull” appearances dominating gatherings and parks. You can easily choose to use vibrantly colored furs to offset a warm, but dark outfit to help create a unique look that helps bring color to the winter landscape. The flexibility of design when it comes to fur and faux fur clothing further ensures you can choose whether you want to accent a look with them or make them the whole look.

Woman wearing a stole.

Beauty in Every Shape
The different cuts of fur clothing are one of its greatest assets. Traditionally, stoles are favored as one of the best ways to accent an outfit with fur. It offers a combination of simple function without the weight of an entire coat and the visual accent that fur provides. A hat or head cover can offer a similar option as well depending on your taste. These and other accessories add to a look rather than define it though. Full coats exist that make beautiful use of fur and faux fur alike to offer warmth and beauty. The main decision to make is whether you’re looking for something to define your shape or to disguise any shapelessness you achieve from layers. Many people looking down on bundling up because it hides part of who you are, but the right overcoat can take the colors of your layers and make them the perfect accent. This is a decision best left to your own particular tastes though.

Warmth and style both coexist within fur and faux fur clothing. Your particular choice of material depends on your sensibilities. OROGOLD will highlight that faux fur does mitigate potential topical reactions and offers greater flexibility than real fur though. This makes it favorable for anyone seeking to create their own bold look. We hope your figure out a way to incorporate the fur look into your clothing this winter. Don’t forget to stay covered in style. It will help you look beautiful and keep your skin healthy at the same time.

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