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Get Armageddon Ready in Style

From World War III to global pandemics, the world is constantly facing so many different threats, which is why the popularity of doomsday bunkers has rapidly grown in recent years. While the bunkers from earlier years may have had a bleak, military-esque feel to them, modern day doomsday bunkers are anything but, and instead feature all of the luxuries that you could possibly need if you ever had to spend some time hiding out in your shelter.

Vivos xPoint, South Dakota
The Vivos xPoint bunker compound consists of 575 military bunkers, which served as an Army Munitions Depot until 1967. These bunkers are currently being converted into a compound that will be able to house around 5000 people, with the interior of each bunker being renovated by each owner, so that they can add in all of the little luxuries that they may want. In addition to all of these high-end touches, the actual compound itself has been designed to run in a similar way to that of a small town, with everything from hydroponic gardens to supplement food rations, a medical clinic, a community theatre and a gym with a spa.

Vivos Europa One, Germany
Created by the same company that has produced the Vivos xPoint bunker compound mentioned above, the Vivos Europa One can be found in Germany, located in a munitions storage facility from the Cold War. Each of these units is empty, so that the owners can renovate them however they please, whether this may include gyms and private pools or screening rooms. The complex itself is home to restaurants, coffee shops and game areas, with a tram system in place to transport residents around this mini town.

The Oppidum, Czech Republic
Considered to be the largest billionaire bunker in the world, The Oppidum in the Czech Republic is a top-secret facility that took over ten years to build. In addition to the underground bunker component, which stretches out for an impressive 77,000 square feet and includes an underground swimming pool, garden, cinema and wine vault, the site also includes an estate above the ground.

Survival Condo, Kansas
The Survival Condo in Kansas is being promoted as a second home for people, albeit one that happens to be within a nuclear-hardened bunker. The properties within the Survival Condo are varied, ranging from a half floor residence of 900 square feet to a 3600 square foot penthouse, spread out across two levels. The complex also features a pool, bar, theatre and library, and the owners of the properties can access them, and stay in them, at any time, not just during a disaster.

Many people preparing for Armageddon would find these extravagant luxury features unnecessary, but, when it comes down to it, if these bunkers ever had to be used, people could be living in them for quite a few years. While underground gardens and swimming pools may seem over-the-top now, you would no doubt be extremely grateful for all of these extra facilities if doomsday ever did arrive.

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