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Getting Ready for Special Occasions

The end of the year is full of social obligations. Various holiday parties start popping up one after another and then there’s ringing in the new year to worry about as well. Let’s not even discuss when people decide to schedule their own occasions during the holiday season. With so much going on, you’re occasionally left wondering how best you can prepare for any of these events. OROGOLD understands that this time of year tends to leave everyone a little off given how fast you have to be ready for the next special event even as you walk out of the last. We’ve put together a quick general guide on things you can do to get ready for special occasions whether you’re just looking to touch-up before you head out or if you’re planning to be prepared ahead of schedule.

Exfoliation comes in treatments of varying degrees of quality and attention to detail. Microdermabrasion offers you a way to receive a quick, compared to peels, way to receiving many of the benefits of long-term exfoliation. This form of physical abrasion uses fine-grained tips to wear and blow away layers of dead skin from your face. Most treatments are in comparatively brief sets that provide a noticeable difference even after one treatment. OROGOLD does wish to highlight that most microdermabrasion options come in a series of treatments, but it is easier to schedule these in the time leading up to an event than it is to schedule a peel and recover from it. Both options are highly useful and we do advocate trying a peel, but there is no denying that microdermabrasion is a good way to quickly boost your appearance if you’ve become a bit lax in your skin care routine.

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Rejuvenating Masks
One thing you can try within the days approaching a big event is to focus on using rejuvenating products, but masks in particular. In most cases, masks are allowed to sit on the face for an extended period. This provides them with greater time to affect the skin positively. We recommend products like a Vitamin C infused mask or others with a high concentration of the vitamin or vitamin E. Each of these is known for supporting collagen production in the skin. This makes them ideal to use in the weeks leading up to an event as it can help smooth out fine lines and other skin malformations over the time. Your skin will end up looking youthful and the right product choice can do wonders for evening out tone. Masks make a good general purpose option, but you do have a way to get similar benefits in a shorter amount of time.

Adjust Your Routine
Most of us have general skin care routine matched to the season we’re in. Looking your best for a special occasion often entails changing up your routine some. As we highlighted, masks are a good thing to start including, but you may wish to also adjust your routine to focus more on minimizing specific skin issues as your approach an event than sticking to general care. This will help reduce the amount of work any makeup you’re using has to do and allow you to utilize less. Your skin will thank you for this approach later. This is especially true if you intended to utilize heavier makeup than usual for a routine. People with problematic skin should be a bit more wary about utilizing this approach, but they can still utilize it if they’re careful. Just remember that minimizing fine lines and skin tone often means using products that will dry your skin out. Make sure to keep your skin properly moisturized to avoid adding any problems to your skin.

Trying to look one’s best is a goal for plenty of occasions and there is no reason you shouldn’t strive for it as well. Ideally, you’ve read some of OROGOLD’s past advice and have healthier skin than you used to when preparing for the event. It isn’t a requirement thanks to how useful some options we’ve shared here are, but we suggest reading up on some of our general tips on skin care for more long term solutions instead of simply looking for quick fixes. Regardless, utilizing these ideas should help you look as good as your feel for your special occasions.

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