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Gold Styles for Fall

Gold hasn’t been terribly ‘in fashion’ of late, but there was an inkling of hope earlier during Fashion Week. Large amounts of gold and gold tones didn’t make it to the stage, but they did start turning up in accents. Jewelry, accessories, and other items would each use the tone to add an extra layer to the full ensemble that helped create something truly phenomenal. The somewhat conflicting tones of current trends combined with the small injection back into the mainstream from Fashion Week may have left you a bit unsure on things. OROGOLD is going to briefly go over a few of the more interesting style choices you have for using gold this fall.

Model walking the runway wearing gold jewelry /

Gold turned up most commonly in the jewelry choices that designers made for the Fall/Winter Fashion week this year. None of the jewelry was particularly shy either. Designers didn’t opt for anything gauche or gaudy, but jewelry tended to be more than just a simple accent in most cases. These pieces helped define outfits through their addition of color be it through jewels or particularly well-cared for chains and the like. Most of the time this jewelry was set in contrast to solid tones to ensure that the jewelry was clearly displayed against a backdrop to help draw out all of its colors. Necklaces were favored, but there were plenty of earrings on display as well. Consider it an opportunity to become reacquainted with all of your jewelry boxes this fall.

Hair Accessories
Another prominent use for gold items was seen when it came to hairstyles. These came in a wide variety depending on the whims of the designers, but they all seemed to focus on using a lot of hair accessories. Combs, barrettes, and hair bands saw use in the hair of many models. Their exact use varied from being functional and adding to the beauty of the style to simply adding that extra accent to a simpler hairstyle like a ponytail. Hair bands were among the most common though and tended to follow the same patterns seen in jewelry. They were intentionally noticeable and helped draw the eye to the style. OROGOLD recommends aiming for something that will clearly draw the eye, but don’t use something so showy that all people will look at is the accessory instead of your hair.

Model walking the runway at NY Fashion Week.

Nata Sha /

Outfit Accents
Solid gold toned outfit pieces weren’t terribly common, but the color wasn’t entirely neglected during Fashion Week. It turned up as an accenting color more often than anything. This is in keeping with its similar thematic usage with jewelry and accessories. Gold should be the supportive rather than the dominant color in an outfit. Sleeves, collars, and hemlines were more likely to see gold than anything else though there were exceptions. Gold is ultimately a flexible color and a clever person can make the most of it with any outfit. Just try to balance its use out against some more common trends in Fashion Week that we’ve discussed in the past. This will let you make the most of this set of tones without falling out of step with the current trends.

Fall’s changes are at least bringing gold back into more common usage than it has seen in a little while. Returning a color to use in the palette of fashion seldom hurts anyone and simply means it is time to enjoy experimenting with what could be your next new look. OROGOLD knows that not everyone appreciates gold quite to the extent that it does, but hopes you’ll certainly consider these style trends as fall progresses.

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