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High Frequency Facials

Anyone looking for ways to care for the skin inevitably keeps looking for better treatments. The ones we find often depend on word of mouth of whatever is popular at the moment. Do yourself a favor and try to stick to the former as the experience of a friend is typically a bit more reliable than popular trends. Trends can end up simply promoting poor skin health through supposedly miraculous ingredients. Regardless, most of us know about facials, but not everyone knows about high-frequency facials. The good news is that this isn’t some fancy trickery designed to take advantage of people and has actually been used for quite a while. People call it different things depending on who is doing the treatment, but one of the most common names is a “violet ray treatment”. Those interested in learning more about what a high-frequency facial can do will find all the information they need in this article.

Electric Care
The first thing anyone should understand about a high-frequency facial is that you’re dealing with an electricity based skin treatment. It is relatively seldom that you’ll ever come in direct contact with the electricity though and as a result, you shouldn’t worry about that. The actual strength of the current used is typically fairly low and an alternating current for added benefits. Whatever the current strength, it is passed along an electrode filled with one of the several potential gasses to a bulbous end meant for being placed against the skin. The current can’t reach your skin, but it can interact with the atmosphere close to it depending on the frequency of the current. This is where the high-frequency part of the treatment becomes crucial for causing things to actually happen.

A Healing Touch
Interestingly, holding the electrode to the skin with the appropriate internal frequency causes the oxygen between the electrode and the skin to convert to ozone. Ozone isn’t typically something we associate with health, but this incredibly small pockets actually benefit the skin immensely in a number of ways. The ones of the most interest to acne sufferers are that this dries out that area of the skin in addition to acting as an antibacterial treatment. It offers a twofold weapon against particularly stubborn acne. This isn’t the only aspect that might interest you either. Due to the current, the area is generally warm as well and experiences better circulation. We know from other sources of improved circulation that this does wonders for the skin. The stimulation helps it in numerous ways and may play a role in helping keep collagen production effective within the skin. Some professionals use it as an anti-aging treatment for just this reason. There is also a gentle exfoliating effect from the treatment as well that works with your skin’s natural cell turnover.

Professional vs. Amateur
These sorts of treatments are always best done by a professional to get the most out of them. There is a slight twist in this though. You can easily acquire your own machine if you know where to look and put the time into learning to use it properly. This can let you do spot treatments for problematic areas at home or experience for a relaxing feeling of a high-frequency facial whenever your desire. Anyone looking to try their own hand at treating their skin with a self-done high-frequency facial should make sure any device they acquire has clear instructions to avoid any potential skin damage. Additionally, getting a professionally done high-frequency facial will let you have a clear idea of how it is supposed to feel so that you have a more intuitive grasp of the process.

High-frequency facials may seem like an initially strange proposition, but they do appear to provide benefits to the skin. The buzzing of the electrode during the treatment might take a little getting used to for more nervous clients. These facials aren’t yet quite at the level of a trend and remain a decently known treatment even if they aren’t excessively common. All skin types can potentially enjoy a high-frequency facial if they feel their skin needs that extra boost.

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