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History of the Fantasy Bra

Everyone wants to feel a bit pampered sometimes. There’s a very human desire for recognition for what we do and to feel that we’re appreciated. The appreciation can take a variety of forms depending on our occupations, but for Victoria’s Secret models it takes the form of the Fantasy Bra. These jewel-encrusted pieces of lingerie are a staple of the company’s yearly fashion show. It wasn’t always this way though. There was a time before the Fantasy Bra and before the fashion show was televised yearly for all to see. In 1977, the fledgling Victoria’s Secret had no idea where the future would take it. OROGOLD has the benefit of hindsight and with it we’re going to take a quick look back into the history of one of the biggest honors a lingerie model can receive.

When It All Began
Surprisingly, the Fantasy Bra didn’t appear before the public in any form for almost two decades after the company’s creation. The very first one was the “Million Dollar Miracle Bra” advertised in Victoria’s Secret’s 1996 catalog. Claudia Schiffer wore the first Fantasy Bra. While the bra was certainly a stunningly expensive and beautiful piece of clothing at the time, it would ultimately end up being the cheapest Fantasy Bra that Victoria’s Secret would ever make as it only cost a million dollars. This didn’t save it from the fate of most Fantasy Bras though. The Million Dollar Miracle Bra met the fate of most of its siblings and was dismantled a year later. Some stones used in its making might have ended up on later Fantasy Bras is it was lucky though.

Double Digits
While all Fantasy Bras have cost at least a million dollars, there was a time when Victoria’s Secret seemed determined to see just how expensive of a bra they could make. This started with the Millennium Bra back in 1999 when Heidi Klum wore a grand total of $10,000,000 in jewels and precious metals for the catalog. Victoria’s Secret followed up the next year by adding another $5,000,000 to the price tag and getting Gisele Bündchen to model their Red Hot Fantasy Bra. Neither of these bras was actually in the fashion show. Heidi Klum returned in the first televised fashion show in 2001 to model the $12,500,000 Heavenly Star Bra though and the Fantasy Bra’s place in the show was made. Victoria’s Secret kept making these highly expensive bras until 2005 when they dropped by into the single digit millions.

Fantasy Bra

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Where Things Stand
In many ways, the Fantasy Bra is more about the allure than it is about anyone actually owning them. The only bras still in existence today are 2004’s Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra and the 2012 Floral Fantasy Bra. The rest have all been dismantled after their job of selling the mystique of the company was done and no buyer was found. It doesn’t make their short existences any less impressive. Since 2001, only the 2004 Fantasy Bra hasn’t been in the fashion show. They appear every year with a new design. This year’s Fantasy Bra is the Fireworks Fantasy Bra that Lily Aldridge is looking forward to wearing on the runway. It is quite far from the most expensive Fantasy Bra that Victoria’s Secret has ever made as it is valued at only around $2,000,000. It remains to be seen though if the bra will find an owner after the fashion show has passed.

There is no denying there is a distinct beauty in a good piece of lingerie. Victoria’s Secret continues to do its best to create intimates everyone will desire, but the Fantasy Bra is in many ways just that. It is there to sell a fantasy. Very rarely is it the “ultimate holiday gift” that it gets marketed as in the catalog. This isn’t going to stop designers from creating new ones each year though. OROGOLD hopes you have a clearer picture of the history of the Fantasy Bra now. Maybe once the show airs they’ll also have a clear picture of what the Fireworks Fantasy Bra looks like in its full glory.

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