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Home Styling Tips for 2017

Styles change yearly as new ideas infiltrate various areas of our lives. Most of the time we tend to notice this readily in the world of fashion. The great design houses make sure each fashion week in the year is a pure spectacle of style and grace that captures both the eyes and the spirit. It is always a preview of the newest ways you can present yourself to the world by finding some way to mix together the current fashions into something all your own. These changes in style aren’t limited to fashion though. Home trends change as well. People end up valuing particular looks more than others and gradually prevailing themes begin to materialize for a year. You can generally get an idea of the coming year from the rising trends in the previous though. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some tips for ensuring your home is as stylish as you this year.

The Spirit of the Place
Depending on your approach, a home can simply be a place for you to sleep at night, a showcase of yourself, or a quiet oasis to help you escape from the world. Design trends for this year are beginning to emphasize that last one above all the rest. The quest for coziness is expected to define trends this year. You can expect to see a higher popularity of deep, thick cushions in seating that people can just sink into as well as similar carpets. The idea being to cultivate a space for your soul in a hectic modern world. You can work on creating this sort of atmosphere in your home with a few simple tricks. Adding more throw pillows is a good step for updating the overall look and making places more inviting. Various rugs can be scattered around the home as well to provide a sense of warmth and coziness. Focus on creating a space where you feel comfortable to lounge around in and you should be able to find the spirit of this particular trend.

Style experts are continuing to go back and forth on whether dark or bright green will have the strongest impact on homes this year. This generally means that you can expect that green itself will simply be the trend. Darker greens will likely see heavier use as the primary color for rooms to generate a ground, earthy feeling to the room that builds on the quest for a cozy atmosphere. That said you will also likely seen plenty of furniture in the same tone placed in rooms with complementary rich tones. Lighter greens are more likely to see use as accent colors in various places in the home. You can use this to your advantage by acquiring the throw pillows mentioned earlier in shades of green or looking into acquiring green glassware for use for small, but noticeable accents to your home. The key in this trend will be avoiding overusing the color in any given room. Remember it will serve best as a backdrop or an accent, but not both in the same space.

Home styling green

Unique Pieces
Lastly, people are beginning to be more drawn to singular pieces of furniture and art than they have been in recent times. Hand-craft pieces are gaining greater popularity as a way to make a long-term investment in a home and provide greater character than factory-made pieces. This trend can be a little harder to follow up on or require particular arrangements if you don’t have any local artisans. The end result is an environment where you are actually being encouraged to talk to the artisans responsible for the creation of various bits of furniture about the things you want to see in pieces these days. It may just be the key to getting you new favorite piece of furniture that will keep capturing people’s attention for years to come. You will want to do your research when looking into this trend though. Not every artisan is of equal quality, after all. Carefully researching the potential source of your furniture will help ensure you see a variety of pieces before you ever settle on one.

We are still relatively early in 2017 and there’s no way of knowing if any of these trends will truly last into the year. They do appear to remain quite valid as of right now though. That shouldn’t stop you from looking into trying out some of these trends though. There’s always something we don’t quite like about how are homes look. Experimenting with these trends could help you find just what you’ve been looking for all along.

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