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There’s something utterly majestic about ice. Frozen landscapes have captured the eyes of artists for centuries and the glint of icicles, despite their danger, remains a beautiful feature to many places. It is why people emulate them with lights and other tricks throughout the year. Ice is also useful for building. The Inuit, in particular, are known for utilizing snow and ice to create warm dwellings despite their frigid building materials. Naturally, people have figured out how to combine the utility and beauty of ice to create unique vacation destinations. The Hotel de Glace in Canada is a North American ice hotel following in the traditions of other countries. It strives to offer a true experience in the first three months of most years and it may be just the trip you might want to plan for next year.

Wait, an Ice What?
Ice hotels, true to their name, are hotels constructed entirely out of ice and snow. The materials are typically cut into blocks and used to assemble the basic structure of the hotel. Workers then begin to shape the exterior and interior to create the specific look that the hotel is striving for that year. Some ice hotels offer a consistent aesthetic, but others utilize the pool of available artists and artisans to generate unique experiences each year. These hotels tend to have their share of amenities, but it is important to note that they are naturally quite cold. Frigid temperatures outside are are keep the hotel’s structure intact and prevent it from collapsing despite people inside. Ice does act as an excellent insulator, but it will still be fairly cold within any ice hotel. The Hotel de Glace is no different.

Why Would Anyone Go?
Ice is an excellent material for sculptors and other artists to utilize. One of the biggest draws of the Hotel de Glace and other ice hotels is the changing ice sculptures. Artists typically compete to have their designs included in the locations. It provides a dazzling and distinctly memorable take on the hotel experience that ends up being combined with an icy art museum. Sleeping on icy beds also has a draw to the more adventurous traveler. There is the ice and then there are the furs and other materials that help you sleep comfortably on the ice beds. The Hotel de Glace, in particular, uses sculpted ice beds with bedding of warm materials on top. Many people will also bring sleeping bags suitable for frigid weather for an extra layer of warmth. An ice bar is part of the hotel. It serves a broad selection of drinks, but you might want to try your favorite drink sipped from a glass made of solid ice. Just remember to warm up near one of the hotel’s interesting fireplaces afterwards.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

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An Interesting Trip
Ice hotels like the Hotel de Glace aren’t for everyone. They cold temperatures means that guests are consistently bundled up in cold weather gear and your skin will be having to deal with the dry air constantly. The experience is like few things in the world though. Many visitors describe visiting an ice hotel as stepping into a fairy tale for a little while. The beauty and utility of ice are merged into a distinct harmony that would be lost on people otherwise. If you’re the kind who’d be interested in dealing with the cold even inside, then planning to travel to the hotel is probably interesting. The problem is you’ll need to wait until 2017 before the Hotel de Glace opens again as it is closing on the 28th of March in 2016. The warming temperatures of spring can only be held off for so long after all.

As an ice hotel, the Hotel de Glace offers a unique experience for anyone adventurous enough to try spending a night in it. It maintains the beauty of ice and snow while managing to harness its capacity as a building material on a scale that is distinctly modern. Those interested in booking may have to wait, but you can be sure that it will appear in Québec in the coming winter. The snow and ice shall return as the artisans get to work. It won’t take long for the Hotel de Glace to return to looking fresh as new fallen snow and be ready to receive visitors once more.

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