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Hottest Beauty Product Launches for Fall

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It sometimes takes a lot of effort to stay informed on what all is coming up in the worlds of beauty and fashion, but it often results in at least being aware of the trends. Fall’s arrival means that the fashion and beauty worlds are shifting along with the planet itself. There are some launches to be aware of as a result. OROGOLD is going to briefly cover a few recent launches that are introducing new options to the world of beauty. As ever, try to focus on finding the quality products that suit you. Beauty is always about finding out what helps draw out the best in you.

Honest Beauty
This line is brought to you courtesy of The Honest Company. As a beauty line, it is so new that it isn’t even a month old yet. This selection of beauty products is, in essence, a small sister product line of the larger company, but it intends to uphold the same principles as The Honest Company itself. Ethically created and derived products with an eye towards sustainability. Jessica Alba endorses this step forward for her company, and only time will tell how the line works out for the beauty world. It does at least offer an option if you’re feeling more ecologically conscious and want to experiment with different kinds of products. There is only a small selection of makeup at this point, but there is enough for you to conduct a few trials with to see if anything suits you.

Dolce & Gabbana
Continuing to hold their place as a recognizable house of fashion, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of makeup coordinated to their Fall/Winter line. The release came in August and allows you to sample a wide range of tones suitable for different outfits. You don’t even need to worry that the makeup trends towards focusing too much on a single style. The playful shades they’ve selected are usable in a variety of forms to let you make the most of your fall look. Due to their prominence in the world of fashion, you can be relatively sure of the quality of their product and confident that the tone will match as expected. OROGOLD will highlight that you may want to consider other lines though that don’t have their palette matched to a particular fashion house if you’re looking to create your own fall look.

While formally just a clothing retailer, H&M has opted to launch its own line of makeup and complementing products as well. These tend to follow the same design aesthetics as their clothing. Plenty of vibrant shades are available among their various makeup choices. Their initial offerings cover a decent variety of makeup options that are wide enough to allow you to experiment with at least one part of your makeup routine being solely from H&M. They also have some skin care products. Like Honest Beauty, this is a new approach for the company and it means being cautious about trying these products as the beauty world learns who has created products of a decent quality. It does still need mentioning simply due to prominence of the company though.

These aren’t the only launches that we’re going to see through the Fall, but they are at least making things interesting right now. Newcomers can sometimes shake things up, but you can always rely on the old masters to retain their place in the world of beauty. OROGOLD hopes this gives you an idea of why some new names are popping up and an idea of products lines you might wish to try. Just be kind to your skin and keep an eye out for poor reactions when you sample new products.

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