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How to Prep Skin for Fancy Makeup

Pursuit of beauty is an acceptance of the fact that we must all continually learn to ensure we look our best. It is a mistake to assume we’re done learning once we have a good skin care routine or figure out what makeup works best. Circumstances will inevitably change and we’ll need to learn each of these all over again to match the new requirements. Sometimes we’re the ones that change those circumstances. Preparing for a fancy occasion means trying to figure out how to look your absolute best and we end up reaching for more makeup than usual to ensure everything is flawless. OROGOLD would like to take the time to have a brief word with your before you start prepping for such an occasion though. There are certain considerations you should make to ensure that your skin is appropriately prepared for fancier makeup than usual. These steps will help ensure that your skin stays healthy and that you get the most out of your makeup.

Cleanse and Exfoliate
You’ll probably be doing these anyway as most people go through their skin care routine before applying makeup. We want to stress the importance of these steps in this case though. Cleansing with a pH balanced cleanser is particularly advised as it will help clean your skin without causing any extra issues once you start wearing makeup. Instead, it will promote your skin’s natural state and anything left will provide an extra cushion between your skin and the makeup. There is some flexibility here. Anyone with problem skin should still favor an acidic cleanser, but you may want to consider a slightly less potent one for the day of the event. Exfoliating is similarly important as it helps remove any older makeup and other buildup on your skin before the newer makeup. These steps are about providing a healthy, clean canvas for your to work with when applying makeup. If you don’t carefully clean your skin, then you’re likely to run into issues when trying to apply heavier makeup than usual.

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Moisturizing is another important step because you’ll be sealing your skin behind makeup for an extended period. Many good makeup brands use formulas to help offset the issues inherent in covering up your skin thoroughly, but they can only do so much. Your skin is likely to get a bit drier from particular kinds of makeup once your start applying and using sealer will further cut your skin off from any external source of moisture. OROGOLD strongly recommends using a potent moisturizer as part of your prep to help offset these problems. The moisturizer will help your skin look and feel smoother overall in addition to helping provide another layer between the makeup and your skin. Sealer and other makeups can further help trap the moisture in your skin. This will enable you to safely wear fancier makeup than usual for a longer time without chancing skin issues. You probably want to use a light, but potent moisturizer to ensure it works its way into your skin quickly and doesn’t slow down your routine.

The best thing you can do for your makeup once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and otherwise prepared your skin is to apply a face primer. These capitalize on the clean canvas in such a way that they smooth out any remaining imperfections to give you an easier time of makeup application. Various combinations of ingredients exist for primers, but we recommend locating one that includes silicone for the smoothest surface for applying makeup. Primer, in addition to providing physical smoothing, offer that final extra layer between the majority of your makeup and your skin. Some primers are meant to dissolve effectively with particular makeup cleaners too. So selecting the right primer will not only make applying your makeup easier, but it can make removal just as easy once the special occasion is over.

Fancier makeup than usual doesn’t mean entirely changing your routine. It largely means paying more attention to specific areas of your skin care routine and adding an extra step to the makeup application. The goal is always to ensure your skin looks healthy and youthful with as little makeup as possible to avoid the breakout problems common to fancier makeup. OROGOLD does want to stress that you shouldn’t leave heavier makeup on longer than you have to for a special occasion. Look your best, but don’t forget to be kind to your skin.

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