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In-Home Beauty Services

Salons and makeup artists are traditionally places and people that you go to if you want something from them. Their particular storefronts clearly advertising their services wherever they decided to set up shop. Our habits surrounding this are rote by the time we’re adults. You notice your hair is getting long or has too many split ends and you call the salon to make an appointment. One quick note in your schedule later and you’ve already moved on from the appointment as you’ll be waiting a day or two to get in. Anyone living a luxe lifestyle has a little more freedom than that, but you’re often still locked into someone else’s schedule at their convenience. The same is true of some of the hireable makeup artist. Wouldn’t it be nice if they came to you instead? There’s a growing trend that promises just that.

The Idea
In-home beauty services are exactly what they say. They bring the salon to you. There are generally groups that pop up in specific areas and at the moment, even the larger ones are trying to spread farther than an initial few cities. They act like many of the other convenience apps that we’ve gotten to know in the past few years. Once you download a particular service’s app, you navigate through the menu to pick the service or services you want. Confirming service will give you the opportunity to arrange for the time you want the professional to come by your home. Booking options vary by service, but typically extend out at least a few days. Once booked, you may or may not be contacted by the professional for a few basic questions so they understand what they need to bring for your service in particular and give you instructions on how to be ready. After that, you simply wait until the appointed time and your service shows up.

What To Expect
There are some limitations to this form of acquiring beauty services. Most of the apps have broad categories for the kind of hair or nail styles that will be available. This is simply based on the restrictions that travel places on the visiting professionals. There is plenty of room to discuss minor variations on a particular style that interest you, but you may not have the full options available that you’ve come to expect in a standard salon. You should also note that, as stated before, you are an active participant in your beauty service much of the time. The professionals may have particular instructions they need you to follow before their arrival to ensure you get the best quality service possible. When your selected professional arrives you can expect them to be bring their own supplies with them to provide the service you’ve requested. This means you will need to make space to receive a service in and give them a clear area to put down their tools.

Why Bother?
There is no way to overstate the potential convenience these services offer to those of us with busy lives. In-home beauty services are a rapidly growing part of the beauty industry and will likely keep expanding into the foreseeable future much like other convenience apps have done before them. Setting your own appointment that comes to you means you can keep doing what you need to do right up until the appointment time itself instead of needing to budget two to three hours out of your time to get somewhere, wait, and then finally get your hair or nails done. The limited options may seem like a drawback, but in truth many of the professionals of the services are happy to work with clients to ensure they get the look they desire. The services are constantly expanding to encompass this as well. You can likely expect to keep seeing more and more of them as time goes by.

In-home beauty services may or may not be where the future is headed. People have been skeptical of such services in the past and it does take a particular kind of personal to invite a stranger into their home. Those feeling daring enough may just find that these services can save them time and offer a particular peace of mind they didn’t have before. All it takes is pushing a few buttons on your phone to get the pampering you deserve in one of the places you’re most comfortable with though. That is almost the definition of luxury.

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