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Japan Railway Company Launches Luxury Travel By Train

Most of the time when we think of train travel it isn’t exactly something we associate with luxury. This is a fairly sad state of affairs given that it was, at one point, considered the height of luxury in many places. The speed, accommodations, and potential beauty of the scenery made it something people wanted. Today that image is a little different. This is especially true in the United States where neglect for the rail system and a lack of modernization has resulted in a restrictive form of travel with fewer destination options that is both slower and often less comfortable than many people would like. Other countries aren’t allowing this sort of lapse to fully happen though. A few are trying to maintain trains that recall the luxury of times past when it was a way to meet the best and the brightest. A company in Japan has recently launched their own luxury train meant to help you feel as comfortable and pampered as possible all while giving you a two-day glimpse of the sights of Japan.

Luxury In Every Car
The goal the company set out with was to bring back the luxurious associations of train travel. They’ve done this by making each car of their luxury train speak to that core philosophy. Beautiful, open observation cars allow passengers to have a full view of the landscape around them. Well appointed dining cars offer a tasteful and comfortable setting to dine in. The sleeping cars try to ensure everyone has as relaxing a night as possible. It is so far from the concept of rail travel for most people that it seems too good to be true. This is one instance where it is not. You have the freedom to move about the train and relax in most places. Each sleeping car is particularly nice as travelers have private bathrooms complete with a private shower and toilet for each suite in the car. These cars are each two stories tall as well to provide plenty of space to relax in privacy while letting the world go by.

Food and Drink
One of the most attractive features of the train for people fond of good food is going to be the fact that the train plays hosts to a fine dining restaurant meant to offer guests the best seasonal cuisine possible. The chefs are all skilled and intend to focus the available cuisine on regional, seasonal foods so that they can always use the freshest ingredients to prepare meals for guests. This means the train can be a particular delight for travelers looking to sample an array of Japanese cuisine rather than sticking to a single regional style due to having a shorter trip. Don’t worry though. Some international cuisine is expected to be available as well to offer a counterpoint as well. The end result is a dazzling amount of food available of a quality that is hard to ignore. After a meal, you can stop by the train’s bar and enjoy a quick drink as you let your meal settle.

Woman in Train

Privacy and Exclusivity
Most luxury travelers will be happy to know that there won’t be excessive competition for moving around the train or getting a seat for a meal. The focus on luxury means that the train hosts only a limited number of guests at a time. Currently, it is meant to cater to only 34 guests at once while still being able to offer all the comforts possible. This means you should have plenty of time to make pleasantries in a lounge car with your fellow travelers, should you choose to do so, and yet still be able to keep to yourself if that is more to your taste. Each suite in the sleeping cars, as a private space, gives you time to refresh and relax away from the busier cars without expectation of interruption. The staff of the cars is intended to help all guests make the most of their stay as well. In the end, you can be assured of having your needs met throughout the trip whether it is for a specific drink or quiet.

Above first-class air travel options are becoming increasing common and offering a better way to go about getting around the world. It is about time that rail companies began to catch on and cater to luxury train travel as well. Sometimes it is okay to take a little time to get where you’re going and enjoy the travel as much as the destination itself. Regardless of the kind of luxury travel, more luxury travel options are never a bad thing.

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