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Practically speaking, gemstones may simply be shiny rocks, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful to look at. Gemstones have fascinated people since the dawn of civilization. Plenty of people saw the natural beauty in the glimmering stones that lead them to incorporate in jewelry for just that must more style. Things really haven’t changed that much over the years beyond us figuring out the best ways to cut and refine the gems to make the most of them. Gemstones are a popular addition to jewelry and always have been, but there are other accessories available that can all benefit from having a few jewels added onto them. Some of these accessories have a history, but others are as new as it gets, historically speaking. Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that people have improved with a little glitz and glamor.

Phone Cases
These are far newer than glasses and generally one of those things that turned up alongside smartphones to protect them from the rigors of life. We’re all used to using phone cases as a style accessory. They practically started out that way with very little gap between being invented and turned into a way to make a statement. You can support your favorite hobby, team, food, or anything else with a good phone case. You can also add gemstones to make something that is truly stylish. Gemstone encrusted phone cases are highly varied compared to glasses. Some designers utilize patterns of jewels alone to make their look while others use the jewels as an accent to a design on the case already. It all depends on the tastes of the designer. There are some many options that you’ll surely be able to find something that suits you, though.

Depending on your personal view, glasses can be either less than stylish or the height of fashion. They are quite practical, yes, but the days of them being the sole domain of believed social misfits are gone. That those days ever existed is quite amusing, given that early glasses were a marker of wealth and usually worn purely for style. These days they are relatively ubiquitous and lack that exclusiveness, but the sheer variety of styles they are available in makes it incredibly easy for you to set a personal style with a good pair of glasses alone. Some of us take this a step farther and reach back to the older days by adding jewels to the frames. Frequently these rest along temple pieces and at the far edges of the actual frames so they don’t obstruct vision, but the effect is still eye-catching. Such glasses command far more attention than they otherwise would.woman with gemstone glasses

Hair Bands/Clips
Glasses have been around a while, but hair decorations have them beaten by a long shot. We’ve been putting decorative accessories in our hair pretty much since civilization began. Ancient pieces are still occasionally recovered that reflect this truth. We haven’t ever abandoned this sense of aesthetics either. Jewel encrusted hair accessories continue to be a very popular addition to a look. These can range from traditional bands that rest over the hair to combs that are stuck in the hair to pins that are similarly tucked away. It all depends on your taste. Most come in varied designs with jewels, much as with phone cases, either being the primary display or part of an accent design that holds the entire piece together. The goal is always to help complement and define a look that might otherwise be less eye-catching.

Jewels are¬†beautiful things once we’ve had the time to work on them. They come from the ground looking little more than off-colored stone, but the right polish and cut creates a luster the likes of which people likely wouldn’t have believed when it first exited the ground. Regardless of whether they are shiny rocks or not, we do love their appearance and will keep on loving them. The long record of civilizations that have adorned themselves with jewels will likely keep growing with time and, if phone cases are any clue, we’ll find new things to add jewels to for that extra bit of style and beauty. So do try to see what jeweled accessories can do for you. You might just find a favorite new accessory.

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