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Living the Canadian American Dream

The United States has long been a beacon to people from all over the world to come and seek a better life in whatever form that happens to take for the individual. Refugees come to seek a life away from terror and oppression. Others come seeking opportunities that aren’t available at home or to have a little slice of the United States’ to call their own in places where land is harder to come by. Some just come seeking out a newer and better climate to enjoy life in. Regardless of these reasons, they all come to be part of the United States. This even applies to people who move here from Canada. As much as the neighboring countries share, there remain things unique to each of them that help to attract people to travel or move between the countries. While there is no unifying Canadian American Dream, there are a few things that tend to draw Canadians to the United States.

Warmer Pastures
Much of the time what makes the United States so attractive to Canadian Americans is the fact that it is simply warmer. Most Canadians live oriented towards the border as it gets colder and colder the farther north you go until it isn’t really habitable anymore. It is no small wonder that many of them turn their eyes towards their southern neighbor where a wide range of warm climates are available to pick from along with vibrant local cultures. The “snowbirds” make this move on a less permanent basis and simply reside in the state throughout the winter, but some seek to make it a more permanent facet of their lives. You’ll often find them settling in states such as Florida, Arizona, or in the southern parts of California as they find climates both weather and culture-wise that suit them. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they bring with them a reputation for being incredibly polite and kind when they’re looking for a new place to live.


Access Is Important
Trying to find the right place to live is important in our life for more than one reason. A place can be good in one aspect, but bad in another. The classic example of this is deciding whether to live in the country or to live in a city. Countryside homes have the seeming assurance of clean air, space, and plenty of time to enjoy the natural world, but you sacrifice ready access to almost everything. Cities have the reverse problem where you have access to everything you could want, but have to worry about the impact on your health. Some Canadians move to the United States specifically to gain access to resources they might not otherwise have access to in their home country. These takes a myriad of forms ranging from particular institutions to requirements that are hard to meet for a healthy life where they live. The United States offers access to many things that might otherwise be missing.

Career Opportunities
Perhaps the most classic reason that can define a Canadian American dream is simply finding a place to advance in one’s career. As we highlighted earlier, Canada’s population tends to be clustered towards the more habitable parts of the country. This leads to a situation where there are fewer overall metropolitan areas to provide room for work alongside opportunities for advancement. Most specialist positions tend to be spoken for already. That leads many of them southward towards the many and varied cities of the United States where skilled specialists are assured of finding a place that they can utilize their talents. What further motivates this is the opportunity to join institutions that help support long term career plans. Canada still has plenty of room for many people and remains economically upwardly mobile, but the limited amount of options of places to work at do tend to decrease the overall ability to employ some workers.

Looking at our few threads of thought on what draws Canadians to the United States, we can say that living the Canadian American dreams involves settling into one’s desired career in a comfortable climate while enjoying access to various resources both cultural and others. This doesn’t sound that different from anyone else who comes to the United States. The only real difference between Canadian immigrants and others is simply how polite people believe they are and how well people believe they fit in. We should never forget there are many Canadian American Dreams though. All we’ve done is highlight a single potential version.

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