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Luxurious 70s Inspired Fashion

Taking a careful look at the spring and summer fashion choices that the great design house put on last fall gave a cue of what was going to be trendy this year. As spring has begun to arrive, there is no doubt that a lot of 70s inspired fashion is definitely back. These looks have been mixed and remixed across the years, but the looks remain distinctly of that era. It is a good time to be able to make the most of an older wardrobe or to find a way to make that “classic” look you always wanted to try work. You’ve got a lot of options even with it just being spring. There’s plenty of time left in which you and the various fashion gurus can make the most of these trends and make the statements that you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more luxurious aspects of 70s fashion that have returned for another round.

Bell Bottoms
While not everyone calls them by this name anymore, flared jeans are looking like they’ll be particularly prevalent this year. The combination of being comfort and their casual nature makes them some of the best bottoms to wear during your downtime. People don’t always see a way to incorporate them into their look because they find them too casual though. The best way to approach this is to look for ways you can mix and match with your favorite tops to create a look that is all you while still making the most of the relaxed pants. This trend is likely to last well through summer simply because bell bottoms have remained an eternal, if low key, favorite in many circles. Now’s your chance to make the most of them everywhere though and that counts for something. Bell bottoms aren’t the only thing that have come back to enjoy the sun in 2017 either.

woman with bell bottoms

Exposed Shoulders
Different aspects of an outfit can be used to portray particular things about your personality. A piece of formal or business wear can have an element that makes it slightly more energetic or perhaps adds a bit of extra gravitas. One of the trends from the 70s that we’re seeing come back emphasizes openness and perhaps just a bit of playfulness. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are looking to be particularly popular this spring and summer as they call back to the 70s. These looks vary wildly between one another with the unifying element simply being exposing the shoulders. A lot more of them tend to take a less formalized looking approach where the strap is designed to look like it has casually fallen down while still providing support. You can still find a decent number out there that are direct callbacks to more formal exposed shoulder style outfits of the 70s too. The design houses appear to have been particularly enamored of this element of fashion for this year.

High Waists
You can expect to see a lot of high waisted outfits making their into fashionable circles this year. It was another common trend in the fashion week for this spring and summer. The trend is definitely a throwback to the 70s and is even running in the face of the more modern trend of lower waisted clothes being more popular. All the designers didn’t come to a unifying conclusion on exactly how high of a waist worked for the trend though. Overall, it varies between somewhat high to noticeably high. Your only real barrier is figuring out what look actually works for you. We encourage experimenting using a mix and match approach if you have high waisted bottoms available. You’re sure to find something that looks good to pair them with while still being able to make the most of high waisted dresses where there is less choice in the matter.

Woman in high waist shorts

We always go looking for new things to help us look our best or find that one hidden thing that might help us shine. Unfortunately, our pursuit of the new sometimes means we forget the things that were. That’s where fashion designers come in. Like all artists, they draw from the great well of those that have gone before them to inform their particular stylistic choices. This year it means that the 70s are definitely back…if only for a little while.

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