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Luxury Grooming Trends

Personal grooming has always been intimately tied to fashion. This is because your personal sense of style is as much shown by the clothes you wear and how you wear them as it is your personal hygiene. Grooming trends change from year to year like almost all fashion trends, but they’re generally easier to keep up with than clothing simply because the trends don’t change quite as fast. Shifts are generally noticeable yet with a lot of recognizable time where both what was previous on trend and what is currently on trend overlap. If you’ve never paused to think much about personal grooming, then the simple fact is you’ve probably had it ingrained into you. Most of us shave, in one way or another, and wash regularly to remain presentable in our heads. That’s the idea of grooming that has been cemented into our minds. The current luxury trends are showing the beginnings of a shift away from the previous trends, but are still in flux. Let’s take a quick look at them to see how things are changing.

Men’s Fragrance
When people talk about men wearing a fragrance, it is sadly often as an aside of someone “overdoing” it or abusing it to cover up an issue. This has been part of a long-standing trend against most men using some form of scent to help complete their presentation. It was one of those perplexing double standards that exist in fashion where it makes no sense when you take a step back and look at it. Happily, this is changing as more and more men are being drawn towards not only using fragrance, but using it properly as a complement to their appearance. This has been matched a by a rise in available luxury brands of fragrance catering to men as a opposed to women. Many notable designers cater to everyone, but the increase in market presence is still notable. This trend appears set to continue into the future as more and more men adopt the habit as celebrities and others tout the virtues of wearing a good fragrance.

Men’s Skin Care
Another frequent issue in men’s fashion and style has been the persistent idea that men shouldn’t mess with skin care products. They’ve long been delegated to the realm of the feminine instead of being seen as an appropriate way to care for one’s skin. This is changing alongside the shift towards men using fragrances more often. Men’s skin care is a prominent growing area that is similar tied to celebrities looking their best. Many male celebrities have become open about talking about some of their routines for keeping looking their best for the public and are helping to break the stigma. There have been very few who’ve admitted to the makeup they use, but that’s a stigma to break another time. Changing attitudes towards men’s skin care are making it much more likely that men know how to properly care for their skin. In turn, this is actually further driving another market in men’s luxury grooming: hair.

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Men’s Scalp and Facial Hair Care
Interestingly enough, the growth in skin care has lead to men taking better care of their facial hair at the same time. Society isn’t quite giving up on the baby-faced shave for most men, but beards and mustaches are coming back into the public eye with a clear eye towards proper grooming. Any bearded gentlemen worth his salt should know that a best beard conditioner is different product. Many men are returning to barber shops for the kind of specialty care for facial hair that has grown less common over the year. Straight razors are even coming back into popularity as a method for shaving in some areas of the country. Men should do themselves a favor and look for a barber shop for such a thing though as that is far safer for them. Overall, men are experiencing more freedom when it comes to deciding their style with their scalp and facial hair. This is a trend to watch as it is still forming and that makes it far harder to tell exactly where it is going to end up.

We’ve touched only one men’s luxury grooming trends right now because they’re the ones that are the most in flux at the moment. Women’s trends are largely the same at the moment with the largest change being that there are new varieties of bikini wax turning up as well as a trend towards not bothering getting a bikini wax. All of this is interesting, but the latter bit is only just beginning as a trend and may yet vanish. All these luxury grooming trends may do just that if they don’t find enough people to support them. It does seem likely that the men’s trends, at the very least, many be with us for a while yet though.

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