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Luxury Living For Your Pooch

Pets are an integral part of many of our lives. This is because they grow with us and sometimes they even grow up with us when it comes to particularly long-lived pets. We want only the best for them most of the time thanks to all the happiness they bring. That frequently involves ensuring we get them the best food, treats, and toys possible to ensure that they remain constantly happy. You can go a long way with such good treatment as long as you remember that time with you is also highly valuable for most pets as well. It helps build a bond between each of your and ensure there is a mutual trust. Remember that you also need to ensure that your pet can enjoy every aspect of their lives too. That means putting a bit of thought into where they’re sleeping too. A luxury pet bed is typically something you’ll find largely for cats and dogs, but you can be sure that they provide that extra bit of excellence for your friend’s comfort.

Material Excellence
A lot of standard pet beds tends to try to make themselves better by adding a bit more. This typically takes the form of adding more easily crushed fluff inside of the body or adding more visible frills that do nothing to actually improve the bed. Luxury beds tend to sidestep this issue and work on building a better pet bed. In many cases, they reach towards materials like memory foam and similar to give your pet access to some of the options that we enjoy the most as well. These high quality materials allow your pet to have a bed that molds itself to them so that they have a truly comfortable bed to relax in. The end result is generally a bed that will both last longer thanks to its overall quality as well as a bed that is far more comfortable than a thin, frail layer of easily crushed materials between your pet and the floor.

dog on luxury bed
Designed With Personality In Mind
Luxury pet beds typically also try to incorporate various considerations for pets. This is why you’ll generally find a fair difference between beds created for cats and dogs. Luxury cat beds frequently aim to accommodate a cat’s needs by including things like an attached scratching area or resilient body for the bed while a dog bed may favor overall size and ability to settle. Large breed beds in particular are prone to ensuring there is enough space. You can even find beds that accommodate different temperaments of pet as well. A good example is the “cave” or “shelter” bed that has a hood with a small entrance for your pet. This combined with good materials can help ensure a more skittish pet has a place to go when they feel overwhelmed that is still nearby if they want affection. A more gregarious pet may just need a large enough mat to flop on…providing the mat is tough enough for them. You can go one step further though and give your pet an even more luxurious experience.

Climate Control: Pet-sized
We do our best, but it doesn’t mean our pet is always quite as comfortable as we’d like with the temperature. This can be particularly true in both summer and winter as the temperature extremes are harder to guard against even with central air and heating. Fortunately, you can actually get pet beds that take care of the problem for you so that your pet always has somewhere comfortable to go whether they’re too hot or too cold. These come in several flavors ranging from ones that use integrated technology that cools or warms the bed as necessary to ones that help regulate your pet’s temperature thanks to the design of the materials themselves. The latter are typically found as thermal pads and useful for helping your pet stay warm, but cooling pads exist as well. All of the more high tech options tend to be viable all year though as they’ll make any changes on their own for as long as they work. It is hard to beat that kind of luxury for a pet though.

Luxury pet beds take a lot of forms. These are some of the bigger considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking into a good bed though. Materials, designs, and potential climate control options are all excellent for ensuring your pet is happy and healthy in all weather. There are other options though. You could find a bed with an integrated feeder or other features that likewise help engage your pet. These extra features can be nice, but aren’t necessarily key to your pet’s comfort though. Shopping around should help you see the potential breadth for pet beds and you’re sure to find something that works beautifully for your friend.

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