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Manhattan Below Houston St.

Manhattan is a larger place than we typically think of it. The concentration of what makes Manhattan itself is generally centered around the upscale, luxury boutique areas. All the shops and experiences available to people there have cemented people’s ideas of what is quintessentially Manhattan. There’s more to it though and various retailers are recognizing that as well. Traveling through all the traffic to reach that beating heart of the city can be rather inconvenient for some or utterly disagreeable if you simply haven’t the time to go there that day. That’s where life below Houston Street kicks in. There is increasing access to luxury services and boutique options available to those living towards lower Manhattan. But why? What is available? Let’s take a look into some of the things motivating these changes and what they’re bringing.

Like Draws Like
You’ll find luxury shopping wherever you find wealth. That’s at least on consistent fact about the world. A lot of money actually makes its home in lower Manhattan. They enjoy the comfort and access of the area, but having to travel a bit to get access to one’s favorite stores is seldom the most desirable option. That’s leading to the increasing appearance of ever high fashion shops trying to take advantage of their market in the area. Some are likewise suggesting the area can expect to be a larger draw to people given it is ripe for tourists. That is a disadvantage if you want to do your shopping in peace, yes, but access is access, right? There are multiple factors motivating this change in tourism, but it does remain a factor. As a result, everyone wants a slice of both of the attention of the wealthy and tourist. The end result is potentially getting to shop at your favorite store without trying to get to the store you’d normally go to in New York.

Macy's Herald Square at 34th Street.

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Luxury Shopping
The biggest shift is coming from luxury shopping brands. Their typical pattern was to simply camp out wherever the highest concentration of money was and make people come to them. This works quite well in many cases, but it isn’t always the best option in the modern era. People are increasingly looking for convenience even when it comes to luxury items. As a result, the internet has become their biggest friend as opposed to a physical store. Opening physical stores closer to their customers prompts people to go to the store in hopes of getting what they want faster than it would otherwise take. Storefronts are appearing both independent of shopping complexes and as a part of luxury outlets in given areas. The end result is you get more choices without needing to fuss as much about budgeting for the time it will take to get there and the browsing absolutely required in such retailers.

Luxury Services
The further benefit of this shift is that more luxury services are going to shift and be available as well. It isn’t likely that there will be space for a luxury gas station necessarily, but various services are migrating outward as well. This includes personalized service from some stores as well as in-home appointments with skilled professionals for hair, skin, or nail care. This largely benefits people who are living in the area, but others will be able to take advantage of it as it also motivates the growth of high quality restaurants in the area as well. Since we’re talking about Manhattan, that necessarily means an improvement on the already present quality. The key with all of this is to remember that this growth is happening right now. That means not everything that will be available is there yet. It provides extra motivation to keeping an eye open when passing through New York though.

Even luxury markets are expanding beyond their traditional ranges these days. That is making more sections of Manhattan capable of catering to those of us with finer tastes in life. You don’t need to go to the heart of things to ensure that you get what you want anymore. The return of personalized service by some of the larger names also means being able to enjoy true luxury.

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