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Luxury has always had a few distinct signs when it interacts with the world. On trend attire, arriving in style, and utterly beautiful yet sprawling living spaces. Time moves constantly and it appears the untouchable trend to create large mansions as the epitome of luxury may be changing. Everyone is becoming more and more enamored with living simpler and in smaller spaces. Smaller homes mean less upkeep and can provide all the luxuries one needs without taking up as much space as traditional mansions. This is the mindset that has many people living a luxe lifestyle looking into the existence of micro mansions. Think of them as more luxurious counterparts of the tiny homes taking over the media. What exactly is a micro-mansion and what can one expect from them? It is actually relatively easy to understand this new trend with a quick look into what goes into them.

Size Doesn’t Matter (As Much)
Credited as being the brainchild of Frank McKinney, the micro-mansion is a home less than 4,500 square feet that aspires to maintain and offer the same luxuries as a traditional mansion. Traditional mansions are known for being sprawling estates with vast yards and countless rooms that are hard to maintain on one’s own and to actually live in. So much of traditional mansions tends to go unused most of the time that they act more as elaborate showpieces than homes. It makes it far harder for the owners to enjoy their home for what it was meant to be when it was built. Additionally, building traditional mansions is necessarily space and labor intensive. It is hard to keep them appropriately maintained over the long term and a pain to constantly have someone checking to see if one area needs to be remodeled to prevent further damage or if it will be fine for another year. Micro mansions may be smaller, but they provide plenty of room to move around in without the sprawl. This also lets them be placed in less traditional locations allowing owners to live where they wish.

The Lap of Luxury
Micro mansions are being built with the goal of saving space, yes, but they are not about to give up their roots as symbols of luxury. The designers tend to emphasize opulent building materials and the appropriate amenities. Individual designers favor different things, but the general goal is to maintain the spirit of the showcase that people living a luxe lifestyle expect without it growing beyond the ability to enjoy. That leads to designs emphasizing opens spaces with windows figuring prominently in the design as well as high-quality furnishings. Sleeping arrangements are generally of the highest quality and have some of the most space devoted to them to provide owners with a space they can retire to and enjoy. The other areas of the home tend to be smaller with exceptions to the rule depending on the designer. Entertaining areas vary, but McKinney’s model emphasizes outdoor entertaining spaces to take advantage of the local climate.

Location Is Everything
Micro mansions might not have the sprawl everyone is used to, but they provide unparalleled convenience. They can be apart from things, but still have better access to locations than their more traditional counterparts. It allows luxury homeowners to select where they want to live instead of their lifestyle dictating where they must live to maintain a certain air. As an expected trend, micro mansions are expected to keep growing beyond their genesis in Florida at McKinney’s hands. They are being picked up by similarly minded designers and the goals are rapidly becoming learning how to use both the location and architecture to help set these homes apart. In the end, micro mansions may very well b e the next wave in mansions as a higher focus on architecture will bring them almost fully in line with their traditional counterparts.

Mansions are a way to display a life of luxury, but it can sometimes lead to an uncomfortable situation where one has more space than is viable to use. Looking into the micro mansions trend may be just the thing for those looking to live smaller without giving up on the luxuries they’ve come to expect. After all, everyone should be able to live where they desire in the means they’re comfortable.

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