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Most Decadent Holiday Treats

The holiday season, even at the very beginnings, has a special place in the hearts of many people. Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow bring people together. Families travel from everywhere around the world to see one another again. Friends drop in to say hello as they carve out the time necessary to share laughter with friends again. One of the most important parts of it all is the food though. Everyone remembers the food and tries to make sure they stop by and say hello to whoever made that truly fabulous treat from last year. If you’re still looking for the holiday treat that you want people to remember this year, OROGOLD has a few suggestions on possible treats to consider as Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays loom closer.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate Layer Cake
These cakes are even better than just a plain chocolate cake. Layer cakes provide people with the flexibility to decide on the flavors they want out of a cake that normal cakes don’t necessarily provide. You can pick your favorite frosting flavor to offset or complement the flavors of the main cake at the same time you use it to make a stunning centerpiece for a table. There are also plenty of recipes available for you to pick from that do the various mixing and matching for you. A chocolate layer cake is a good way to finish off a holiday meal because it provides a pleasant, filling option that everyone can nurse a plate of as they continue to chat into the evening. The bonus is that they can be so filling that there may be some left for you to enjoy another day.

Tea cakes.

Tea Cakes
As wonderful a cake slices can be for a holiday treat, people are beginning to do their best to be a bit more health conscious over the holidays. Smaller portion sizes and politely turning down rich slices of cake are good for people’s health, but they may leave you feeling like you didn’t prepare properly. A nice side or main option, depending on who you’re entertaining, is to instead make tea cakes. These bite-sized sweets come in a dizzying number of flavors and recipe styles. Healthy vegan tea cakes exist alongside apologetically rich and not all vegan tea cakes. OROGOLD recommends using the small size of tea cakes to your advantage. This allows you to be creative in how you arrange and present them to a gathering and thereby make them memorable in more ways than one.

Apple pie

There’s no way to escape being around Thanksgiving and not mentioning pies. Pecan, pumpkin, and apple pies all make their way to holiday tables across the country at Thanksgiving. These and other varieties also keep turning up throughout the rest of the holiday season as well. Plenty of rich and memorable recipes exist that offer sumptuous yet traditional takes on the recipes to innovative and distinct twists on classic ideas. All you really need to know when you go to look for a kind of pie to make is the main ingredient that you want to use. The rest is up to your research skills or imagination. Don’t forget to make an appropriate presentation of any pie though. It probably won’t last long enough to provide more than first impressions.

Holiday treats are all about giving people an excuse to enjoy something sweet or otherwise welcoming. The one thing that unifies such food is that it welcomes people fully and unconditionally into your home for a time. Eating a truly decadent take on a classic holiday treat simply makes it all the more rewarding for the guest and the cook or baker. OROGOLD hopes you’ll experiment with these ideas and find your own signature holiday treat.

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