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Most Expensive Real Estate

There are a lot of beautiful places to live in the world. Many of us strive to find them and, if we like the area, to live there so that we can enjoy it all the time. We all want to live in the style we’re accustomed to though. That’s what leads to notable luxury neighbors and areas where you can be sure of getting the privacy you want along with the access. It does tend to create a fairly obvious real estate market though as the homes in these areas become available for the cost of their location and sheer luxury. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter if you’re dealing with an actual house or an apartment. Both play into creating the most expensive real estate markets in the United States. It does raise the question on where everyone’s trying to live right now though. So let’s take a quick trip around some of these real estate markets and see just where everyone who’s anyone is looking to stay these days.

Houses in San Francisco
San Francisco
Few people dispute the beauty of San Francisco. The mists of the coastal city and the vibrant culture make it a must-see for anyone passing through the area and an incredibly attractive place to live for those who can foot the bill. The constant influx of people makes it incredibly lively with the ethnic neighborhoods further making it a potentially enjoyable place to find a meal. Finding a place to stay is a good deal harder though. The luxury market does ensure that you have access to some of the iconic homes in San Francisco as well as some of the ones that simply have gorgeous views. Luxury home sales tend to enjoy a little breathing room since people tend to focus more on Los Angeles and Manhattan, but the luxury apartment living is no slouch. The key here is to be aware of what you want and stay consistently on top of listings so that you have a few options if you’re interested in living in the area.

It almost goes without saying that the beating heart of New York City would be considered prime real estate, but it is still one of the most, if not the most, expensive places to live. It makes up for it though given the ease of access to pretty much everything the city has to offer. Many of the iconic locations are located in Manhattan itself or relatively close nearby. You’re not likely to find too many legitimate houses available in Manhattan though. There are plenty of apartments looking to set the standard for luxury. Space is at a premium though. Most of the truly luxurious apartments in Manhattan are the penthouses that take you high above street level and give you a beautiful view of the city’s epic skyline. There are still plenty of good options that aren’t penthouses though if you know where you’re looking. Manhattan real estate isn’t necessarily about the view though, now is it?

Boston Real Estate
Boston is one of those cities with the weight of history attached to it that some of its peers somehow manage to avoid. As the capital of Massachusetts, there’s still a lot going on constantly even if it isn’t necessarily the biggest urban area. That may be changing as more and more people are moving into the area. Luxury developments are also on the rise and as such are beginning to attract a certain crowd looking to ensure their lifestyle while having ready access to some of the finest things the world has on offer. Boston’s nature as a home of technological advancement and education make it an attractive option for anyone looking to keep an eye on the next big things. Admittedly, there’s plenty to the culture of the city as well that attracts people. The feeling of a settled age in some parts combined with the cutting edge in others makes Boston one of the premiere luxury real estate markets for anyone looking for a well-rounded and consistently interesting place to live.

The luxury real estate markets of the world all have their own charms, but only some of them are the most in demand. Each piece of the demand helps you to form a picture of what makes the location unique and enviable though. New York City, San Francisco, and Boston are all in the top ten for a reason. Their presents and futures are drawing more and more people to them. It is up to you if you want to be one of them.

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