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Most Luxurious Hotels in Australia

Travel is said to open both the mind and the spirit to the endless possibilities of the world. You can see things you’ve never seen before and experience things far different from the place you were raised in. This makes it no surprise that many people have a deeply held desire to travel regularly and see the world. Globetrotters love their exotic locales and while Australia isn’t the most exotic place in the world it is often joked to be one of the few places in the world where the world itself is actively trying to hurt you. Fortunately, humanity has a few advantages when it comes to dealing with the dangers of Australia. OROGOLD would like to highlight some of the most luxurious hotels in Australia where the designers have not only preserved the natural beauty, but you can be a bit certain that the wildest parts of the country are safely kept away.

Qualia Resort
Sometimes you want to get away from it all without getting away from it all. Qualia is a particularly interesting place to stay in Australia as it does its best to preserve a boutique hotel air without compromising the availability of other luxuries. Each dwelling on offers to guests is furnished to make the most of the space and the surrounding area. The resort has made sure its guests will enjoy setting foot outside as well by playing to the natural environment when placing its accommodations so that they blend into the environment. OROGOLD particularly wishes to highlight the spa where you can spend time relaxing and having rejuvenating treatments for your skin. Any aromatherapy involved in the entire affair will help with any excess stress left over from the long flight to Australia too. You can then spend a long, relaxed evening taking in the beautiful views around the resort before retiring to a sumptuously furnished suite.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island
The name might not seem initially attractive, but one look at Lizard Island’s dazzling white beaches and luxury accommodations is sure to change your opinion. One of its best features are its private beach-side dwellings designed with the landscape in mind. They mesh with the environment to avoid detracting from the natural beauty of the area. Lizard Island encourages plenty of recreational activities, but particularly prides itself on access to nearby coral reefs. The beautiful waters ensure you have excellent visibility for both snorkeling and other activities. Areas have been set aside for anyone looking to enjoy a spot of fishing without disrupting the local environment. Lizard Island also provides guided tours of the island itself along marked walking paths to give visitors a better understanding of the local ecosystems and how being part of the Great Barrier Reef affects the island. Whenever your day is over, you can enjoy a gourmet meal without ever having to leave the island.

Cape Lodge
Those seeking a truly epicurean delight should look no farther than Cape Lodge. Not only are its accommodations frequently considered some of the finest in the world, but it’s good is among the best as well. The hotel is nestled away in its own vineyard wherein it offers guests respite from the world in a way that few places can. A cultivated air of luxury gives Cape Lodge more of its luxuriousness, but its furnishings remain fine as well. You can easily roam the grounds and partake is some of the beautiful countryside as your work up your appetite for the day before seeing what the chef has prepared for the evening. Wine connoisseurs will particularly enjoy their stay as Cape Lodge boasts an ample, properly climate controlled cellar to help preserve its wines to ensure they’re served at their best. With a variety of options on where to stay, fantastic food, and beautiful grounds, Cape Lodge is easily one of the most vibrant and luxurious hotels in Australia.

Finding some of the best places to stay in Australia simply requires a quick look around as premiere locations easily distinguish themselves. OROGOLD makes no claim to having highlighted all of the best hotels, but these each has distinct characteristics that speak to travelers. We encourage you to visit them the next time you find yourself planning a trip to Australia. It will ensure some truly unforgettable experiences.

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