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Most Opulent Winter Skin Treatments

Unfortunately, winter can be truly harsh on your skin even if you’re prepared for it. It is simply the nature of the weather in the winter months for most people. The good news is that the harshness of the weather makes for the perfect excuse to spoil yourself a little. After all, if your skin has to hurt a little from the weather, shouldn’t you pamper it? Adjusting your skin care routine is one thing, but you can and should also seek out the luxurious treatments your skin demands. OROGOLD has put together a quick list of some of the most opulent skin treatments that you can treat yourself to this winter. These will not only help you fight back damage from the cold, but should also leave your skin looking and feeling younger than before.

This trend keeps making the rounds in beauty circles and we recommend it if you haven’t tried it before. Multi-masking offers you a way to treat yourself right in the privacy of your own home. Multi-masking is exactly what it sounds like, but we’ll give you a quick overview in case you missed the time we wrote about it before. A mask is typically understood as a single product meant to treat one or two aspects of skin care at once. You apply it, wait, and then rinse it off. Multi-masking embraces the fact that many people have combination skin and, as a result, you should be using a combination mask. You simply learn the layout of the skin types of your face, and then apply your favorite products for treating that aspect of your skin to only those locations. Personalizing your treatment like this ensures you don’t cause issues for the other parts of your skin for treating them with a product meant to handle another skin condition. The best news is you can do this whenever you make the time and simply disappear into your own relaxing world for a little while.

Deep Peel
Consider getting a deep peel or a series of them this winter. You don’t need to fear sun damage as much after winter treatments even though winter does come with some special considerations when it comes to the sun. Peels are particularly useful in winter thanks to the dry air sucking the moisture out of your skin. You can fight it all you want, but your skin’s layer of dead skin cells is likely to be thicker during winter simply because of the difficulty of staying ahead of the dry air. A peel helps remove that layer as well as fortifying your skin with helpful nutrients. OROGOLD recommends that you seek out a qualified professional for a supervised peel if your skin is being particularly problematic this winter. You can get away with an over-the-counter deep peel if you don’t mind a little patience. These are just as capable of helping as a supervised peel, but require less downtime for your skin afterwards. A good peeling treatment should end up leaving your skin looking more youthful and vibrant despite the cold.

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Moisturizing Facial
Try to avoid hot showers and baths this winter so that you don’t dry your skin out with heat. This doesn’t mean you should avoid a spa though. They’ll know how to make your comfortable despite the cold. Getting a moisturizing facial is a nice way to relax without needing to worry about applying products right yourself. We’re recommending a moisturizing facial specifically due to the dry air in the winter, but getting a different kind of treatment is perfectly viable if you’re confident in your skin care routine. The main thing to focus on is keeping the skin properly moisturized. Hopefully, your spa of choice will have nice, warm but not too warm baths or rooms for you to relax in while the products sit. The combination of moist air, warmth, and a quality facial compound will boost your skin’s ability to heal itself and blood flow. Afterwards, that natural glow to your skin won’t be a cold-damaged red.

Taking care of your skin in winter is a sign of dedication. It means you’re willing to do what you need to do to keep up appearances. Pampering yourself for a little while may not seem like hard work to anyone else, but OROGOLD understands. Enjoy the winter, but make sure you enjoy it on your terms.

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