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Most Stylish Women of Social Media in 2015

Beauty and fashion are partly keeping up on the trends and emulating them and partly forging ahead for yourself and figuring out what helps make a style distinctly you. Some people seem to have a natural affinity for it and that can leave any of us who don’t feeling left out in the cold. Fortunately, fashionistas and beauty gurus have made sure to stake their place among new media. Their consistent guidance and willingness to engage with other via social media has made all facets of style more accessible than they have been in the past. OROGOLD feels it worthwhile to recognize some of these women for all the work they put in during 2015 in helping keep the rest of the world stylish. Don’t panic if you don’t see one of your favorites. Our list could only be so long.

Samantha Marie
There’s plenty to said for people who teach themselves, but OROGOLD understands that many people are more comfortable taking advice from someone with a bit of training. Samantha Marie has that and then some. The London-based fashion guru has the degree to back her words when she spends her time outlining various beauty and fashion tips in her videos. She does her best to show the art and design that go into cultivating a truly stylish look. It doesn’t stop there though. Her official website regularly displays some of her most recent ensembles in a down-to-earth street style fashion that makes it all appear effortless. Between her poise and promise, Samantha Marie certainly deserves the acknowledgment she gets.

Ingrid Nilsen

Helga Esteb /

Ingrid Nilsen
This 26-year-old seems to be all smiles and sound advice on beauty and fashion. Most people would never guess that her now famous digital presence came about as a means to get over a fear of public speaking. This was a year ago though, and at this point she seems to be well and truly over that particular fear in her life. Her routine content covers a variety of beauty and living tips more than anything. This doesn’t stop Nilsen from venturing into fashion though. The ease and candor with which she explains her topics and demonstrates them ensures that she not only has a lot to offer as a public speaker, but that she is capable of being one of the most stylish new media gurus all while explaining how to follow and use trends yourself.

Zoe Sugg
Another Brit who can claim to be one of the most stylish beauty and style gurus of new media is Sugg. This young woman has done her best to not only done her best to help people learn how to create beauty with their makeup and clothes, but how to cultivate it within. Her primary platform of YouTube focuses on beauty and fashion, but she occasionally touches on other topics on that channel and others. She supports mental health causes and does her best to use beauty to help people find their own worth. Like many of the other new media gurus, she is a young woman, but this means that 2015 may just be the first of many good years left to come for Sugg’s particular sense of style.

New media is in constant flux and seemingly all ends up intertwined with one another. These women have made their names known alongside various do-it-yourself fashion gurus and professionals in social media. That they stood above so many other names is an illustration of how much they have to offer. OROGOLD hopes they’ll have something to offer you or at least, point you in the direction of someone whose style does interest you.

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