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Mud Bath Cleanse

One of the predominant trends in beauty and alternative health is to throw around the word “detox”. The mechanism and precise meaning typically vary slightly depending on the source of the detox, but in general, they have simply been ways for people to make extra money off of people’s fears for their health. Your body has a natural way to filter toxins and poisons from your body, including the ones your body makes at times and maintain your health. The liver and kidneys work tirelessly to this end to help ensure your body isn’t a toxic mess. Despite the murky use of the word detox in many cases, there are often actual benefits to some products that people claim can help to detox your body. One of these is a mud bath. We’ll be looking into the cleansing properties of a mud bath so that you have a clearer idea of where to find the line between fact and fiction.

First, The Bad News
Mud baths, also known in some circles as clay baths, are not a miracle cure for everything that ails you. They cannot pull metals, toxins, or other supposed agents of illness from your body. This isn’t because the products are necessarily inferior or because people want to hide health benefits. Your body literally doesn’t work like that. You can generally get things into the skin, but getting them out is a much more difficult prospect. That’s why you shouldn’t honestly expect any drastic health benefits from regularly engaging in a mud or clay bath. Your skin, however, is actually fairly likely to improve and, depending on some other factors, you may experience some relief in some body pains. These all have a clearer explanation than the catch-all word “detox” though.

Mud bath

A (Mineral) Rich Reward
Good quality mud or clay baths typically use compounds drawn from good, natural sources of the clay or soil. You’re typically looking for a mineral rich solution as these have distinct benefits to the body. We’ve discussed before how mineral rich waters around the world have a noticeable effect on the health of the people who bathe in them. Some of the minerals can get into the body and help bolster the skin’s overall health. Particularly rich mixtures also help take the stress off of particular joints due to the mechanics of the mud or mineral-rich waters. A good mud bath in a spa is typically going to involve a carefully selected source for the soil or clay that is designed to offer what benefits it can to your over the course of the bath. This is where the primary extra “health” benefits will come from as they can give muscles and joints a time to relax in addition to supporting the skin with some mineral combinations. You should insist on finding out where the soil or clay from their bath comes from to ensure the best results.

Soft and Gentle
The hidden benefit that your skin is going to love the most isn’t the one you necessarily are thinking about when opting for a mud bath. Your skin is going to be beautifully exfoliated by the time you’re done with the bath. Mud and clay baths necessarily involve a little grit in the material. Depending on the thickness of a mixture, you’ll have varying degrees of it. It will still be there though and rubbing your skin gently throughout the bath encouraging your body’s natural skin shedding process. Removing the mud later with a little scrubbing and toweling will further exfoliate your skin. All of this is fairly gentle as it lacks the prominent crystals of salt or sugar body scrubs while still exfoliating. One of these baths isn’t something for every week, but this wonderful level of exfoliation can be just what your skin desires now and again to look its best.

Beauty fans should try to be a little skeptical of the word “detox”. It is a very trend-driven word that doesn’t result in positive outcomes all the time. People tend to inflate expectations for a treatment or product when they use it. Taking the time to do research in reputable places will let you figure out how best to take advantage of potentially useful beauty and health treatments like a mud bath without being taken advantage of by someone with fewer scruples. In the end, your skin will be all the more beautiful for the time you take to be sure.

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