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Trying to stay on top of trends in fashion is frequently difficult enough for many of us. After all, the seasonal shows may show us the trends, but fashion is continual innovation and it can easily change on the whims of the moment. That’s why there tends to be such an emphasis on individual style these days with nods to the larger trends. Nothing is going to stop the fashion houses from being the true bastions of style, but people are learning to make their own looks from the general ideas the houses provide to the world. What do you do if you want to bring style into other aspects of your life though? You can keep an eye on those trends too if you’re willing to devote the time to it as there are ways to keep your home just as stylish as yourself. That does beg the question as to what is looking stylish right now? We’re going to take a quick look at current trends in home design and décor to give you an idea of what looks are in.

Mix and Match
There is something pleasing to the eye about a good pattern. It provides enough visual “action” to keep the eye entertained without dominating a space. This allows other elements of a room to shine. Most of the time, a space is dominated by a single pattern that provides it a visual center. Trends are pointing that this idea may be less important in the coming year. Mixing varied patterns together to create a new kind of visual center is looking to be increasing popular. This trend doesn’t even pay much attention to whether the patterns “match” well enough to provide a smooth visual flow. Instead the trend revels in mixing mismatched patterns in a riot of color and patterns. The end result is visually striking and frequently makes the source of the pattern the clear focal point of any space while allowing a distinct design freedom that isn’t always available when working with more traditional patterns.

Organic Looks
Many of us value the polished look of a well done piece of décor or the distinct use of color that marks of a well-designed room, but the trend may be shifting away from this in 2017. Interestingly enough, people are beginning to gain an appreciation for things that look a little unfinished or at least less complete and polished. A major way this trend is manifesting is in decorative pieces favoring the raw colors of the material rather than complete finishing. It creates an environment where rough and imperfect pieces are allowed to flourish as part of the natural flow of the environment. You can particular expect to see this trend in hand-made goods going forward. Some designers are speculating that this movement towards raw colors may last overall and the polished finishes that typically mark handmade goods will go away for a time. It remains to be seen how this trend will affect structural designs this year.

Design with faux materials
Faux Materials
You can expect to see a lot more faux materials going into everything this year. Some experts see it as a cost-saving measure for people in an uncertain time, but others are quick to highlight that faux materials are often far better than their natural counterparts. Faux leathers and marbles, for instance, are better able to handle the rigors of life than others by shrugging off potential material damage and stains. Most people simply don’t consider them as glamorous, but they have to know that they’re dealing with the synthetic material in the first place to pass judgment. Most of the time there is relatively little to tell anyone what they’re dealing with and the style is perfectly maintained. Faux architectural elements are also expected to be regularly used, such as faux wood support elements and floors, as they are long lasting and less susceptible to natural wear than their “natural” counterparts.

These design trends were becoming evident some in 2016, but they’re only just beginning to truly cement their place as the year begins. Our trend selections appear to be relatively stable and like they should be with us most of the year. Don’t forget to pay attention to trends as the year progress though as they could easily change. After all, staying on trend does require staying aware of the constant flux of the design world.

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