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When we say “mansion”, we often have a particular idea of what that means. Centuries of media, both old and new, have carved out a mental impression of the word. A sprawling estate is the first thing that often comes to mind. Most of the time the grounds stretch out far before the mansion itself and serve as a prelude to the actual home. The interiors have their own particular impressions as well. A billiards room is a classic idea of a must within a mansion and sometimes a conservatory. Older literature shaped television’s ideas of a mansion and as a result the ideas of generations of people…even those who might know better! Modern mansions, in the sense that they’ve been built recently, tend to have their own particular flairs that separate them from older mansions. It is simply the way of things. The interesting thing is what sets them apart from their more traditional counterparts.

Strangely enough, the idea of sprawling grounds is becoming increasingly passé in the modern era. New money and even old money looking into mansions these days are beginning to set their sights a little smaller. This is particularly characterized by the growing attraction to the idea of “micromansions”. These homes compress the luxury of a large mansion into a smaller space without the need for a grand estate. As a result, modern mansions typically have a smaller build up to them than traditional ones. It may seem counter-intuitive given the display of older times was meant to fully display one’s wealth and power, but in truth, this is less about showing. It is about making the mansion livable as opposed to a large showpiece. This ends up making them easier to enjoy too. Many people consider this an improvement over living in a massive, empty home.

A Little Entertainment
Remember the old-fashioned studies that appear in period dramas? What about personal libraries? These served as places to entertain oneself in past eras. Mansions would have at least one of each to ensure that the residents had access to entertainment. Times have changed and as a result, the actual demands for entertainment have shifted as well. There may be a library in a mansion somewhere, but modern mansions are far more likely to indulge in a full-fledged home theater or home entertainment room. These are often tied to complex back-end systems that manage large audio systems and provide their owners with access to a large library of media to enjoy in the space at their leisure. Full home theaters are a popular way to show off one’s wealth inside the house, but some favor the full home entertainment suite as a more modern way to show off one’s tastes in a more subtle way.

The Technological Home
As with the full home entertainment system, some of the more impressive features of recently built mansions are the sheer amount of technological features built into the home. Many of them have server rooms that exist simply to manage all the available features in the home. This typically manages the entertainment system, yes, but they often also manage other options too. Frequently this takes the form of various forms of automation. Modern security, easy environmental management, and even appliance automation are all available to people today. Some of the more technologically minded mansion owners have been known to have most of their morning routine more or less automated and missing only themselves. These options make life safer and all around easier. With the existence of robotic chefs on the horizon, it seems likely that some of these kitchens may soon have those as well to remove even more hassle from life.

New money mansions, or ones built in a more modern era, tend to have different features from the mansions of old. They do still include many of the features of their predecessors, yes, but they are more streamlined. The goal often seems to be to make mansions more livable than simply showpieces. Luxury, it turns out, isn’t as much about size to new money. It is about convenience and comfort.

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