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New Trends In Fashion And Jewelry

Fashion is one of those things that is an eternal state of flux. It changes every day as people take the current popular ideas and figure out new ways to approach them. This continual innovation means there’s always something new and beautiful in fashion. It also means that it can be hard to stay up to date on current trends thanks to the constant shifting. While trends don’t really rise and fall overnight like some people joke, they can change very quickly as a particular interpretation becomes more popular. That’s why many of us work to stay alert to the new trends in fashion and jewelry. Staying alert means we know what is currently stylish and can have a good idea of what larger patterns might outlast the minor changes trends regularly undergo. The merciful part of all of this is that it is never hard to find out what’s currently stylish. With that in mind, it seems like a good time to review some of the current trends to see what is catching people’s eyes lately.

Bright Colors
Bright solids are particularly popular right now and offer a way for you to enjoy your favorite color while still being stylish. Lighter colors are particularly popular for this trend with brilliant yellows, pinks, and greens all turning up in the halls of fashion. Admittedly, this hasn’t stopped people from wearing bright yet darker shades of these same colors. The key to utilizing this trend is simply to wear as much of the color as possible. Full outfits of a solid color are the purest expression of the trend though. If that really isn’t your thing, you can easily get away with a solid colored coat or jacket to give you that stylish look while making the rest of your outfit match your personality instead of a current trend. Admittedly, you might be able to do the same with a solid color outfit paired with your own choice in coat or jacket as well. Neither choice will change the fact that bright, lively colors are popular right now.

Woman with earrings

Unique Earrings
One particularly interesting thing that we keep seeing in jewelry are large, unique designs for earrings. These designs are often visually “heavy” and draw the eye directly to them with stunning and often experimental looks. They are a very good example of the constant pull of change in fashion. The downside to this particular trend is that you’ll likely have a hard time finding anything in your jewelry that fits in with this trend without going out and picking up something new. While unique looks are popular, there are other trends in earrings to be aware of too. Ear cuffs are becoming particularly popular this year thanks to the ease of wearing them and the increasing beautiful designs people have been creating for this year. Light, fanciful designs tend to be particularly popular to use with ears cuffs, but there have been some deviations from this. These tend to follow on the earlier tend to a degree in that they are larger an showier, but maintain a more traditional jewelry look overall.

Woman with big fashionable necklace

Notable Necklaces
Earrings aren’t the only thing enjoying popularity right now. Eye catching necklaces continue to be a popular option. The current stylish choices tend to be visually heavier necklaces. The chunky centerpieces to these necklaces offer a way to complement an outfit or to make the accessory itself the center of your look for an evening. You can enjoy a great deal of versatility here thanks to the only real requirement to the trend being a chunky centerpiece to the necklace. Making the most of this trend is possible by finding a necklace using a comparatively raw mineral as the centerpiece though. These are enjoying an intense popularity both in the heavier necklace look and in smaller styles as well. Another option for those who prefer a less obvious look is simply to favor long chained necklaces. These are also currently popular and serve to draw attention just as well as the other options.

The current trends in fashion and jewelry are constantly evolving. All of the trends we’ve highlighted have reached their current forms by this process and will likely have changed again within the next month or two. You can expect some of the underlying ideas to remain similar though. Keep this in mind when assembling your next outfit and you’re likely to be able to put together something stylish and distinctly you.

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