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New Years Entertaining Like a Queen

New Year’s Eve is your last big chance to celebrate the year and make the lasting impression of it that everyone will remember. No pressure though. Parties will be going on everywhere and provide ways to celebrate the Earth making it around the sun one more time. So how do you make your gathering stand out from the rest? The best way is to dedicate yourself to refining the experience of your party until it is fit for royalty. This is easier than you may think at first. OROGOLD has put together a few tips on how to make the most of your New Year’s gathering. They won’t summon a five-star chef for you, but they will certainly give you ideas on how to make your gathering the best it can be.

Take the Time to Prepare
Many people think they’ll be fine with just throwing something together for their company. You could certainly do this, but it lacks a certain regal air that helps make a gathering memorable. One of the main things you should keep in mind are who your guests are going to be. Find out ahead of time. A clear guest list gives you your primary tool when it comes to preparing for the gathering. This way you’ll know what sorts of dishes are good to prepare, how many places to set, and how much space you’ll likely be taking up. Do plan for a few extra people to make up for those unexpected extra guests that turn up alongside the ones you’ve invited. Once you’ve got the numbers, then start comparing it against typical New Year’s food and drink. Champagne is traditional, but you might have guests who abstain from alcohol and need an alternate beverage to toast with when the time comes. These and other considerations will let you tailor the gathering to your guests and avoid any awkwardness.

New Year's table

Presentation is Everything
While this rule is true of every gathering, presentation takes on a special importance for New Year’s gatherings. Most of the time the goods aren’t going to the large, elaborate dishes that offer a certain celebratory gravitas to a table. Appetizers and finger foods tend to rule the night for these gatherings. Good presentation will not only help encourage your guests to sample all the little extra you cook, but it will help them add dashes of extra color to the gathering as well. OROGOLD recommends considering this when laying out where or how you’ll be presenting drinks as well. A tasteful, but ample sideboard with glasses and a good selection contributes a distinct sense of class and plenty. You may want to consider finding simple, thematic cocktails that you can easily print up a list for as well. It can provide a nice extra bit of enjoyment as guests try to figure out what they want to sample and then see if they can even make it in the first place. Admittedly, a good host or hostess might want to help their guests.

Engage Your Guests
One of the biggest advantages of less intense food prep is that you’re sure to have plenty of time to spend with your guests. Spending time with them is one of the best ways to give your part a distinct impact. It also allows you to conduct the entertainment with a masterful hand. The gathering will proceed at its own pace, but you can inject a lively atmosphere simply by being on hand to introduce elements into the gathering as necessary. Don’t forget to set aside time to figure out any group games that might entertain your guests. You don’t have to do anything overly complicated. Just use your knowledge of your guests to decide what works best even if it is a simple trivia game. The idea is simply to keep people engaged while you spend time together waiting for the appropriate hour.

Entertaining people appropriately is part food choice, part drink choice, and part quiet omnipresence. If this is your first time in charge of such a gathering, then try not to panic. New Year’s gatherings are simple enough as long as you ensure there is something for everyone. OROGOLD does recommend that you consider everyone’s temperaments when choosing the starting hour for such a gathering though as some people may want time to get an evening nap in before coming. Regardless, all it takes is a little planning to preside over the gathering like royalty.

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