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Opera From The Royal Box

The Royal Opera House in London is one of those places that you have to visit to believe. It is beautiful and stands as a testament to the art. Playing host to both the Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet, the building is able to ensure that you can find some bit of the performing arts to satisfy your tastes. Admittedly, it does favor some of the more timeless forms of art than others. The main showroom is fitted to accommodate many people with some sections offering just a little more opulence than the rest. All the colors and designs hearken back to an earlier era where opera was considered grand entertainment that would be talked about for weeks. It maintains its prestige, but with the constant availability of televisions and others forms of entertainment it no longer dominates the conversation like it once did. Don’t tell that to the Royal Opera House though as they intend to keep carrying on and providing all the entertainment that they can.

Exclusive Enjoyment
It is surprisingly hard to get a ticket for the Royal Opera House. Admittedly, it seems only fitting given the name. Show rotations vary from year to year, but they have a convenient website that allows you to determine what is playing and when so that you can determine if you wish to make the effort to see a show. The main room is shared between both the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet with each having their own shows. Seating varies depending on the kind of performance that is being put on though. This makes it useful to pay close attention when you’re looking for seating as you might not be able to get the seat that you want for a given performance. Speaking of seats, there are a lot of those available to match your tastes. It really depends on what you’re looking for ultimately as acoustics and view are both important regardless of the performance being put on that day.

The Royal Opera House
Sitting Down For a Show
Some of the more exclusive seats in the house are straight ahead from the center stage due to the horseshoe shape of the room. The closest sections are reserved for the live orchestra for performances, but the area between the “wings” is where many people want to be. Seats just a few back from the orchestra are some of the more coveted ones for people who wish to have a closer look at the performance. You can get a true experience by actually looking for seating on the Grand Tier of the room. It is the first level up from the ground and the central seating and boxes in those areas are among the best in the house as they provide a clear view of the stage with acoustics favoring the area. Interestingly enough, some of the very best seats also have access to a shared private dining room that you can enjoy time with other guests in during intermissions should you wish to stretch your legs some.

The Royal Box
The titular box of the house provides both a good view and good acoustics. It doesn’t hurt that it also helps to put on just a little bit of a show itself. Despite all this, the box itself isn’t necessarily overly interesting beyond its typical patrons. It can, however, boast that it has its own private dining room entirely separate from others to allow people to retire to as they wish. Amusingly enough, it also has a bit of history attached to it…literally. A water closet from the Victorian era continues to adjoin the dining room. It stands out simply because it has been maintained to a degree despite the age. Beyond that, it is simply an amusing bit of trivia and history about the building that people tend to share with a tone of amusement. The Royal Box is impressive, but some people do dispute whether it is genuinely the best seat in the house depending on the kind of performance on display.

Buildings like the Royal Opera House have a special sort of history. They drew together everyone who was everyone at one point to provide experiences that, in many cases, wouldn’t be repeated once they were done. It was where you went to see and be seen as well as hear the news of the day. Operas are simply another form of entertainment these days, but the aged buildings built specifically for them are still coated in that history and majesty. So try to catch a show the next time you’re in London and see if you can find the best seat in the house.

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